Jamie Lee Curtis Votes Hillary: ‘I Played My Woman’s Card’


Jamie Lee Curtis is on #TeamHillary.

The 57-year-old Golden Globe-winning actress shared a photo on social media Tuesday of herself proudly posing with a filled-out ballot.

“Eye voted! I played my woman’s card,” the True Lies star captioned the photo.

It was unclear which state Curtis voted in; both Kentucky and Oregon held presidential primaries on Tuesday.

After presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump charged that Clinton will repeatedly play the “woman card” to win the presidency, the Clinton campaign began fundraising and selling actual Woman Cards.

A vocal Clinton surrogate, Curtis wrote that the 2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner has “experience, strength, hope and health!”

Last February, the actress was featured in a video with 16 other celebrity women who all pledged to support Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

“I want my president of the United States to make decisions on my behalf — based on her experience, her command, her intelligence, and from her big, warm, embracing, feminine heart,” Curtis said in a video posted from the Facebook page of fellow celebrity Clinton ally Lena Dunham.

“She’s the most qualified person.” “She’s fighting to keep our families together.” “I want my daughter to have even more…

Posted by Hillary Clinton on Monday, February 1, 2016

Not all of the reaction to the Halloween star’s #ImWithHer tweet was positive.

“You forgot to mention bought and sold,” one person tweeted.

“Darn it, I used to like & respect u but the candidate ur endorsing is a horrible choice for women & families. Disappointed,” another person wrote.

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