Triggered: Megyn Kelly Fires Back at Trevor Noah for Criticism of Trump Interview

Megyn and Noah
Reuters/Comedy Central

Megyn Kelly is not taking criticism of her Fox primetime special very well.

Kelly took to Twitter Thursday to punch down at Daily Show host Trevor Noah for mocking her interview with Donald Trump on his show Wednesday night.

In his segment on the Comedy Central program Wednesday, Noah excoriated Kelly and Fox for over-hyping the Trump interview, especially when compared with the actual result.

“What the hell was it?” an incredulous Noah asked. “This was sold as a bloodbath, but in the end it just turned out to be one of those couples baths that only exist in like Cialis commercials. What are those questions?”

At one point, Noah compared Kelly’s glossing-over of important questions during the interview to the producers of HBO’s The Jinx finding out that Robert Durst admitted to murder and then asking him about growing up in Scarsdale, New York.

“Last night’s interview didn’t seem to be about journalism, or the Republican Party or even the election,” Noah continued. “It seemed like it was about two brands: Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly. And whether they could form a mutually beneficial partnership… or maybe it was just couple’s therapy.”

“I can’t believe this, but Megyn Kelly just got negged by Donald Trump,” the comedian pressed. “He repeatedly insulted her, and then all of a sudden switched it up with a little charm and then just like that, she’s all smiles.”

But Kelly apparently saw the segment and responded directly to Noah on Twitter.

“So grateful I have men like @Trevornoah 2 advise on how to deal w/gender attacks- I’m sure his life experience far better than mine on this!” she tweeted early Thursday morning.

Kelly’s Tuesday night primetime special on Fox drew 4.8 million viewers, more than double the number of viewers her Fox News show gets on a regular basis, but still lost to both CBS and NBC, which aired episodes of NCIS and The Voice, respectively.

Meanwhile, Noah’s Daily Show has struggled in the ratings; the show has reportedly shed 37 percent of its viewership since Noah’s predecessor, Jon Stewart, was at the helm. According to Forbes, the Noah-led Daily Show averages around 820,000 viewers per night.

Kelly also addressed critics of the Trump interview on her Kelly File program Wednesday night, telling viewers it earned harsh reviews “because it was not a takedown of Trump.”


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