Report: Celebs Want to Attend Trump Fundraiser But Fear Retaliation from Liberal Hollywood


Several celebrities and Hollywood executives have expressed interest in attending a fundraiser for Donald Trump in Los Angeles this week but fear possible professional consequences from their liberal colleagues in the entertainment industry, a report claims.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a number of celebrities have attempted to gain entrance to Wednesday night’s pricey fundraiser for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee for free — not because they cannot afford it, but because paying for admission would require their names to be made public in campaign finance reports.

The names of the celebrities are not mentioned in the report.

Trump is scheduled to attend a fundraiser at the Los Angeles home of Tom and Rachelle Barrack Wednesday night in what is expected to be the beginning of a concerted fundraising push by the candidate ahead of the November general election. Trump’s Democrat rival Hillary Clinton holds a large lead in fundraising, as the billionaire businessman has largely financed his primary run with his own money.

THR reports that there is expected to be a “small Hollywood presence” at Wednesday night’s fundraiser, including a “prominent TV producer” and a “former studio head,” though the report does not mention their names.

Republican- and conservative-leaning celebrities are reportedly fearful that their support of Trump could lead to negative professional consequences for their careers in notoriously liberal Hollywood. No such qualms exist for celebrities supporting Clinton, whose names are often reported in advance of fundraisers to lend the events star-studded approval.

“This town will get vicious to those who support Trump,” one unnamed filmmaker told THR of celebrities’ reluctance to be connected to the GOP frontrunner’s campaign. “It’s not that Hollywood Republicans are cheap. In the end, they’ll contribute, but they want to wait as long as possible.”

Lionel Chetwynd, co-founder of the “secret” Hollywood conservative group Friends of Abe, predicted to THR that celebrities and entertainment figures will eventually contribute to Trump, but that it would be a “mistake” to contribute so soon in the process due to the threat of professional consequences.

A small number of entertainment figures have already openly pledged to support Trump, including actors Jon Voight, Robert Davi and Scott Baio, musician Kid Rock and Duck Dynasty stars Phil and Willie Robertson.

Both Hillary Clinton and her Democrat rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, were in California this week for campaign events and fundraisers.


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