DAVI: California Democrats’ Gun Control Push Means We ‘Must Do All We Can’ to Elect Trump

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My dear fellow Americans,

I do hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.

Instead of the once euphoric excitement I had as a youth for our nation’s birthday, the day now gives me pause to reflect.

Some of us may understand that our country, which has slowly been reshaped, is now on a fast track to an extreme makeover. Yes, the Progressives — along with some of those in the GOP — are the plastic surgeons in this disaster. America is getting as distorted and unrecognizable as the facelifts, cheek implants and botox that make pouty-lipped victims of plastic surgery addiction look more like robots than humans.

Interesting. Perhaps this is the plan. Get society ready for the coming takeover by AI. But until that takes place, let’s rage a bit more over the “fundamental transformation of America.”

We are on the precipice. Massive unassimilated immigration, both legal and illegal, is subversively reshaping the electorate. English no longer required. American history no longer required in schools, now replaced by the Globalists’ lesson plan. Our youth has purposely been made ignorant of our nation’s past. Just ask some and you will be shocked. Political Correctness attacking values. New challenges face those of us who are fed up, those of us who refuse to become part of the cabal of destruction.

The latest is the attack on the 2nd Amendment.

Now, let me say that I abhor violence. My grandfather and his friend were both murdered by someone who hit them over the heads with a steel pipe. That same grandfather escaped death twice when he was critically wounded while fighting for the US infantry during WWI in Europe. Only to be killed at 78 by a coward’s blow to the back of the head.

My father was a gunner in the Navy on a Merchant Marine ship during WWII that was torpedoed. He watched three of his close friends blown up next to him. He spent three days on a raft in the water and later suffered from PTSD. He hated it when, as kids, my friends and I pointed toy guns at each other. Nevertheless, he taught me respect for guns. Luckily, he was not alive when my baby sister’s ex-boyfriend kidnapped her and shot her twice in the chest and buried her in a shallow grave, where she was found by hunters two years later.

So you see, dear friends, I am no fan of violence. But I am a fan of the 2nd Amendment, which is currently under siege.

I am all for the existing background checks, and I am also for discussing with the NRA what they can do to advise. I am also for going into communities that are steeped in violence and holding them accountable. More importantly, I am for bringing the moral compass back to our youth. I think the spiritual malaise and attack on faith, along with the harshness and confusion we see around us, has led to a rise in violence. It is time we see that it is not guns, but drugs, along with a cultural and spiritual decay going on inside our souls. Violence in video games and films have become, for some, a hypnotic brainwashing.

Yet what does the left attack?

California — that bastion of liberal stupidity, that state steeped in political correctness, that progressive multicultural swamp, that state of new ideas and technologies — is once again leading the nation to destruction! I cannot wait for the day when La Raza unites and California once again becomes part of Mexico. My guess is we are 25 years away from that happening unless, of course, Donald Trump is elected President.

A friend of mine wrote me the below letter; because of its inflamatory nature, he wished to remain anonymous.

“Unbelievably stupid! We are at war so the STUPID democrats have taken away any chance CA residents have of fighting back when the sh*t hits the fan.

If you are gun savvy, and if you have been planning on evasive action, including counter attack, during a terrorist massacre, you are now bringing a sling shot to a gun fight! Thank you stupid Dems in CA for serving up the naive public. I will watch from Nevada where we are allowed to legally own anything we want because our forefathers, and even our children, shed blood to protect our U.S. Constitution.

One CA legislator even said it is time to repeal the Second Amendment! WE ARE AT WAR despite the Democrats failure to call it Islamic Terrorism and identify the enemy! And in case you don’t know this yet… the war will escalate and more of our people will die, your friends and relatives, because this war is on our soil for the first time since the Civil War.

Terrorists can get guns. THEY SMUGGLE THEM IN ALONG OUR OPEN BORDERS! And in case you don’t know, they love full-auto AK 47s. There is no way they can buy those guns in CA, even if they rob gun stores. Machine guns are full automatic and semi automatic weapons are not machine guns despite the rhetoric from the left in calling them automatic weapons. ONLY semi auto guns are sold to the public in the USA.

BTW — Islamic terrorists, and Islamic Brotherhood affiliates, are laughing at how naive and stupid the Dems are. Laughing. Disarming America is their goal. When we said gun control was what the Nazis did in 1939 — you thought we were nuts! Here it is folks. One step from confiscation in CA. Follow the dots. And when ISIS marches down Wilshire Blvd one day remember who told you so.

Your only chance is one CA is not willing to take: get rid of the Dems and put Republicans in office across the state. Yes there is a downside, but your freedom is at stake and the Dems are giving you up like the unwitting collaborators they are. Though the (Chinese) CA gun control legislator who is presently in jail for gun running to criminals (!) could be called a co-conspirator to a foreign government.

If you are one of us, I am sorry you live in a commie state with more of them than us. If you are one of them, I am sorry for your having to live through shattered illusions in face of what is coming.

PS: All owners of existing semi auto rifles with detachable magazines MUST register them with the DOJ or it is a crime. (There will be no new owners with this new law.) Now, with the hacking of government databases from world powers, let alone other Americans, all Californians with such weapons will be conveniently listing them, along with addresses of where those guns reside, so that they may be stolen under many circumstances and used against us all … proving that punishing law abiding citizens is not going to curb terrorism, but will make CA an even softer target for them. Again, career politicians are not thinking this through.”

While I may not agree with all the points made in the letter, I will say this: we must do all we can to get Donald Trump elected. We are witnessing the death of Congress and of the Senate to a Politburo. The farce of the email scandals and disregard for what is right for America by both right and left will go down in some future book as the death knell of democracy.

You see, when a potential presidential candidate has the audacity to say, “What difference does it make?” — and more than half of the populace doesn’t see that it does! — they all deserve what lies on the horizon.


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