James Cameron Releases Pro-Hillary Climate Change Disaster Movie

(Photo by Roger Kisby/Getty Images)

Director James Cameron has released a new documentary warning of the dangers of climate change, painting Hillary Clinton as the only presidential candidate that will work to save the planet.

Using footage of threatening wildfires, floods, hurricanes, drought, and melting glaciers, Cameron’s video feels like a major disaster film warning Americans about the dangers of global warming.

The film is narrated by Sigourney Weaver and features actors like Jack Black, Don Cheadle and America Ferrara.

“Make no mistake, Trump’s reckless denial of climate change is dangerous, a threat to your livelihood, your safety your children and the prosperity of this nation,” Weaver warns, as an eerie soundtrack plays in the background.

“Eventually Miami will be under water, it’s just a matter of when,” Black asserts.

At one point, a mother explains how she lost her daughter in a flood, asserting that climate change was killing America’s children.

“This is not something we have seen before,” Weaver warns.

Cameron explained the motivation behind the video to a group of reporters, according to Politico.

“It’s partially to reach across party lines and partially sort of calling bullsh*t on the hypocrisy of people who know that this is a serious problem and refuse to do anything about it or are actively putting the brakes on it,” Cameron said.

The three-time Oscar-winning director is currently busy working on three sequels to his 2009 global hit Avatar.



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