Rapper YG to Embark on ‘F*ck Donald Trump Tour’

More than four months after releasing his death threat-laced protest …

More than four months after releasing his death threat-laced protest song “F*ck Donald Trump (FDT),” California rapper YG has announced a nationwide music tour of the same name.

The Compton, California rapper will visit 52 cities and will be accompanied by RJ, Kamaiyah, and SadBoy, who will serve as opening acts.

A poster for the “FDT” tour can be seen below.

Last month, YG and fellow rappers Macklemore and G-Eazy released the official FDT remix. YG premiered a music video for the FDT remix to coincide with the announcement of the tour.

Borrowing heavily from the music video for the original song, which was shut down by the LAPD, the FDT remix music video features endless frames of people flipping off the camera and yelling “f*ck Donald Trump.”

(Warning: Explicit Language)

“A Trump rally sounds like Hitler in Berlin. Or KKK sh*t, now I’m goin’ in,” G-Eazy begins, adding: “This man hates Muslims, that’s a billion f*ckin’ people. If truth be told, Donald is a terrorist.”

Macklemore repeats the Donald-Trump-hates-Muslims refrain, rhyming, “Bannin’ all Muslims? Aiight, boo this guy. What if we ban all the white dudes?”

After asking that America “stop sellin’ automatic guns,” the Seattle-based rapper jokes about moving to Canada if Trump wins in November:

Party in the streets when Hillary wins
If she don’t, my girl’s half Canadian
Actually nah, I’m not gonna stay with them
I got an eagle on my arm, I’m a patriot
I’ma stay right here, I ain’t livin’ in fear
With my people who are Muslims, Mexican and queer

Meanwhile, YG, closes out the song by rapping, “Obama don’t like you, Michelle don’t like you.”

“Donald Trump, call him out, KKK supporter His favorite phrase, ‘Deport ’em,’ how the f*ck y’all endorse him?” YG asks before suggesting that we give Obama “a third term.”

In April, YG performed “F–ck Donald Trump” in front of 20,000 of his fans, who sang along in unison at the Coachella Music Festival. The rapper posted a video of the expletive-laced performance to his Facebook page.

After Coachella, YG took the lyrics from “F*ck Donald Trump,” and turned them into a mock campaign attack ad directed at the Republican presidential nominee.


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