EXCLUSIVE – Jackie Mason: Did Hillary Clinton Get ‘Excellent’ Health Letter From a Doctor or a Plumber?

Jackie Masopn

During a radio interview on Sunday, comic legend Jackie Mason sounded off about Hillary Clinton’s health issues, including a letter from the presidential candidate’s personal physician dubbing Clinton in “excellent physical condition.”

Regarding Clinton’s clean bill of health letter, Mason jested:

“Well, the way she lies all the time every time she talks she can’t seem to talk without lying. So if she says she has a letter from a doctor the chances are the letter is from a plumber and probably there was no doctor involved and no doctor ever saw her. She knows other liars but I don’t think she knows any doctors. So if the doctor saw her, he would know that she is not only in bad shape physically but mentally she is in ever worse shape. Anybody who can’t talk without lying shouldn’t see a doctor; she should see a psychiatrist.”

Mason was speaking during his regular segment on this reporter’s radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

The segment was recorded prior to Clinton’s public health episode earlier today in which Clinton abruptly departed a Sept. 11 memorial ceremony here in Manhattan. Clinton was filmed entering her van while struggling to stand up and she appeared to lose balance.

Mason, however, commented on Clinton’s numerous coughing episodes, which escalated last Monday when Clinton suffered a very public coughing fit disrupting her speech for over four minutes during a Labor Day campaign event alongside running mate Tim Kaine in Cleveland, Ohio. That same day, Clinton retreated to the back of her campaign airplane while speaking to the press because of yet another coughing incident.

Addressing the persistent cough, Mason quipped:

“And I noticed that the coughing spells come at very strange times depending on what the issue is and what the question is. When she’s ahead in the polls the coughing never showed up. Now all of the sudden as she is slipping lower in the polls, the coughing is getting louder and louder. And it also depends on what the question is. If it’s a very hard question you hear a fantastic cough. The cough never stops. And when the question is a little more pleasant there is likely less coughing. And if you give her a compliment she doesn’t cough at all.”

The comic also linked Clinton’s health issues to reports that during questioning over her private email server, Clinton told the FBI she could not recall more than three-dozen things related to the email probe.

“She said about three hundred and twelve times I can’t recall. Now, did you want somebody in the job of president who has no memory and can’t recall? And can’t recall anything anybody asks her? What if she gets elected and she can’t recall that she got the job? What if she gets the job and she doesn’t remember in which country. And then if they are threatened with a terrorist attack she won’t remember if we’re supposed to fight back or we are supposed to accept it if or if we are supposed to be bombed. Because maybe she won’t remember if we deserve it. And then when it’s time to be inaugurated she won’t remember where or why or what is the job that she got in the first place. Now she has to go to the White House so she won’t remember where the building is. She won’t remember if it’s a White House or a greenhouse. She’ll wind up in the wrong building. Is this the kind of a person that you want as the President of the United States?”

A letter released by Clinton’s physician in July 2015 dubbed Clinton in “excellent physical condition,” but noted she was diagnosed at the time with hypothyroidism and seasonal pollen allergies and was taking the medications Armour Thyroid and Coumadin daily. The letter, from Clinton’s physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, further stated that in 2009 she suffered from deep vein thrombosis and the elbow fracture that year.

Bardack provided some information about a 2012 incident in which Clinton was said to have suffered from a blood clot and concussion.

Time magazine reported at the time:

Bardack’s letter provides the most detailed accounting of the 2012 episode, which came as Clinton was set to testify before Congress on the 2012 Benghazi attacks shortly before leaving office.

According to Bardack, Clinton fainted after becoming dehydrated from a stomach virus and suffered a concussion during the fall. During subsequent evaluations, Bardack said, Clinton was diagnosed with a “transverse sinus venous thrombosis,” a type of blood clot in the brain, and was given anticoagulants to dissolve the clot. After the concussion, Clinton experienced double-vision and wore glasses with a Fresnel Prism.

“Her concussion symptoms, including the double vision, resolved within two months and she discontinued the use of the prism,” Bardack wrote. “She had follow-up testing in 2013, which revealed complete resolution of the effects of the concussion as well as total dissolution of the thrombosis. Mrs. Clinton also tested negative for all clotting disorders.”

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