Liberals Triggered by Trump-Fallon Interview: ‘Humanizing a Xenophobe is Not Okay’


Liberal Tonight Show viewers were left incensed after host Jimmy Fallon did not try to take down Donald Trump or attempt to trip him up with “gotcha” questions during the pair’s interview on the NBC program Thursday night.

Instead, Fallon hosted Trump for an entertaining but insightful interview, during which the candidate clarified his relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin, talked about the upcoming first presidential debate and let the late-night host “mess up” his usually well-kept hair.

That wasn’t enough for progressives on Twitter, who took to the platform late Thursday night and Friday morning to excoriate Fallon for doing his job. Fallon’s name was still trending as of 9 a.m. Friday.

One user summed up the liberal outrage against Fallon in one sarcastic tweet:

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