‘Jesus F*cking Christ,’ Please Vote: Celebs Curse Up a Storm in Pro-Hillary Music Video (Content Warning)

Funny or Die
Funny or Die

Celebrities are making a final, profanity-filled plea to Americans to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with just a few days remaining until Election Day.

Actresses Rachel Bloom, Elizabeth Banks, Mayim Bialik, Jane Lynch, Adam Scott and Jesse Tyler Ferguson and musicians Moby and Patti LuPone star in a pro-Clinton music video released by liberal comedy website Funny or Die Friday called “Holy Sh*t (You’ve Got to Vote),” in which the group urges Americans to vote against “orange talking STD” Donald Trump.

“Holy f*cking sh*t, you’ve got to vote,” the group sings over a piano-based melody in the video, one of many anti-Trump projects released on the Funny or Die website in recent weeks.

(Warning: Strong Language)

“And it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know/When your rocket’s f*cking racist, that racist rocket will explode,” the lyrics continue. “Donald Trump is human syphilis and we can be the antidote/So holy f*cking sh*t, you’ve got to vote.”

The end of the song explodes into a crescendo of “g*ddamns,” “f*cks” and motherf*ckers” before Bloom, the 29-year-old star of television show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend who co-wrote the tune, closes with a plea directly to the camera to vote for Clinton.

“So vote for Hillary. Cause what else are you gonna do, throw your vote away on a third party? I mean, I guess you technically could, it’s your right, but still, ugh,” Bloom says.

The anti-Trump, pro-Clinton video is the second in as many days from website Funny or Die. Actress Lena Dunham stripped down to appear in the “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem” rap video for the website on Thursday.

In a brief interview with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the video, Bloom acknowledged that her latest project was unlikely to persuade any Trump voters into switching sides.

“If this video motivates one person, especially in a swing state, to just get out there, then it will have been worth it,” Bloom told the outlet. “I just personally didn’t want to say I did nothing. I wanted to say I tried.”


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