Harvey Weinstein: America ‘Sick and Tired of the Divisiveness in D.C.’

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival

Veteran film producer Harvey Weinstein is hopeful that Americans can come together after Republican Donald Trump triumphed over Democrat Hillary Clinton at the conclusion of a highly contentious presidential election Tuesday night.

In a statement obtained by Deadline Wednesday, the Weinstein Co. chief said he was “proud to see Hillary say this morning that she would work with Donald because that’s what our country wants to see,” noting that the candidates had split the popular vote almost down the middle. Clinton officially conceded to Trump Wednesday morning.

Weinstein added:

“One of the great things President Obama did was taking a page from Lincoln’s playbook — taking on rivals and working together with them in the White House. It takes a willingness from both sides, however, and our country is sick and tired of the divisiveness in D.C. It is my hope that President-Elect Trump will do this with Hillary and others. It will make people less fearful, which I’m sure he wants, and it’s what we need as a country.”

The Oscar-winning producer, who has hundreds of film credits to his name, had been a vocal supporter of Clinton during her campaign.

In June, Weinstein hosted Clinton for a star-studded $33,000 per person dinner fundraiser at his New York City home. Celebrity guests included Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew Broderick and his wife Sarah Jessica Parker. The event reportedly brought in $1.8 million for Clinton’s campaign in just two hours.

In an interview with Fox News Tuesday before all the votes were counted, Weinstein said if Trump were to win, he would need to do what he believed Clinton would do, which was to unify the country after a particularly brutal election.

“I have nothing against him personally, but in his last speeches today if he prepares the country, no matter what happens, we must come together as a country whoever wins,” he told the outlet. “We’re all Americans.”


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