Seth Rogen Begs Donald Trump Jr.: Ask Your Dad to ‘Resign Before He Destroys the Planet’

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Actor Seth Rogen tweeted a message to Donald Trump Jr. Thursday pleading that he ask his dad to resign from office before he “destroys the planet.”

“Please ask your dad to resign before he destroys the planet. Thanks dude,” the Sausage Party star tweeted to Trump Jr.

Rogen also tweeted a lengthier message he intended for Trump Jr. to read and heed.

“Hey man! It’s Seth. Your father is trying to discredit our media, collude with Russia, and destroy the environment,” Rogen’s full message read. “It would be super cool of you to be like ‘yo, dad, why don’t you stop all this and go back to being a guy on TV.’ The majority of the world would be pretty psyched. Thanks!!!”

Rogen later tweeted to his 5.2 million followers, “Let’s see if this works!”

The 34-year-old actor sent his plea to Donald Trump Jr. on the same day that polling suggested that a majority of Americans approve of the job the President is doing, according to a new poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports.


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