Alyssa Milano Launches ‘Patriot Not Partisan’ Project to Hold Trump ‘Accountable’ for Russian ‘Collusion’


Actress and political activist Alyssa Milano has launched a website aimed at providing voters with tools to contact their Congressional representatives to urge them to hold President Donald Trump and his administration “accountable” for supposed “collusion” with Russia during the presidential election.

With the social media hashtag #PatriotNotPartisan, Milano and actor Misha Collins told the Daily Beast their new initiative “allows you to contact your representative, via phone, email or video, and demand they take action now” and “hold the Trump administration accountable for collusion with Russia.”

“It’s very easy to sit behind our computers and bitch about the administration, but in everything I do I want to empower people to make a difference and know in themselves that they can make a difference,” Milano said.

The Who’s The Boss and Charmed star’s comments come in the midst of a media-driven obsession with the Kremlin’s involvement in U.S. elections. While no evidence of wrongdoing on President Trump or his team’s behalf has been brought forth, both the House and Senate Intelligence committees have launched investigations, and former FBI Director Robert Mueller is leading a separate investigation.

Still, Milano says she hopes her new campaign can help explain the “collusion” controversy.

“And this concept of ‘collusion’ and Russia is a very obscure concept for people to really grasp, so I hope this campaign puts into words what’s really going on in a simple way so that other people can grasp the concepts,” the actress explained.

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Milano also lamented what she calls the “far-right” who she says have “hijacked” the true meaning of patriotism.

“In particular, this idea of ‘patriot not partisan’ is very near and dear to my heart because I feel like the far-right has hijacked the word ‘patriot,’ and it upsets me. I’m not any less of a patriot because my ideas are different,” she said.

To be sure, #PatriotNotPartisan is but the latest political volley from the 44-year-old actress. Last month, Milano watched Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old former Capitol Hill staffer and documentary filmmaker, lose to Republican Karen Handel in Georgia’s Sixth District special congressional election.

Milano, an early Ossoff supporter, personally drove voters to polling sites for the Democrat during the April  preliminary election.


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