Madonna: Still Having ‘Erotic Dreams’ About Time I Met Obama (Video)


Pop star Madonna revealed what’s been keeping her up at night during a Monday visit to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, telling Fallon she still has “erotic dreams” about the last time she met former President Barack Obama.

Fallon teed up the “Material Girl” superstar during their interview Monday when he told her that the last time she appeared on the program was when Obama also appeared.

“Oh god, that was one of the most unforgettable moments of my life. I’m still having erotic dreams about it,” the singer explained.

“It’s the truth,” she added, when Fallon said he doubted her.

Madonna went on to thank Fallon for introducing the two when they appeared on his show. The late-night host said when they met, Madonna acted shy and reserved, while Obama had been “all business.”

“No he was not, he was giving me a little bit of a little…” the singer trailed off, as Fallon laughed.

The pop star previously opened up about meeting the former president, writing in an Instagram post at the time that she had been left “speechless” by the encounter.

But in an interview with Us magazine a full year before the meeting, the singer expressed frustration that she hadn’t yet met Obama, while other pop stars, including Obama favorite Beyoncé, had met him.

“When the heck am I going to meet him?” she asked Us at the time. “He just needs to invite me to the White House already. He probably thinks I’m too shocking to be there. I’m serious. If I was a little bit more demure… or if I was just married to Jay Z. Hey, if Jay would only take me as his second wife, then I’d score an invitation.”

Madonna was a vocal supporter of Obama during his 2012 reelection campaign. At a Washington D.C. concert that year, Madonna urged attendees to vote for “f*cking Obama,” whom she called a “black Muslim in the White House.”


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