‘South Park’ Rips SJWs Over Statue Tear-Downs and Identity Politics

Comedy Central

The latest episode of South Park took aim at Social Justice Warriors, ridiculing them for their attempts to tear down historical statues and their obsession with racial identity politics.

The latest episode of South Park, entitled Holiday Special, opens with a riot in the local school as children are told that they will no longer receive a day off from school for Columbus Day after one parent complained that Christopher Columbus was racist. That parent turned out to be none other than Randy Marsh, the father of the main character Stan Marsh. The episode cuts to a clip of Randy Marsh climbing a statue of Columbus, shouting that he was racist, and tying a rope around the statue before having a nearby car pull the monument to the ground.

It’s later revealed that Randy’s Instagram page is filled with pictures of him dressed as Christopher Columbus. Randy was apparently a huge Columbus fan in previous years, appearing at various events dressed as the famed explorer. “Look I was younger, we were all young,” said Randy, “it was another time, you have to understand it was 2013, everyone was stoked on Columbus back then!”

The episode then leads to Randy running around the house removing all the Columbus memorabilia that he owns, including his wedding photo in which he’s dressed as Columbus.

Randy turns his attention to an ad on television for a DNA testing service called “DNAandMe,” an obvious play on the popular DNA testing service 23andMe. Randy, of course, signs up for this service to determine his ancestry in the hopes of being related to Native Americans. In an attempt to fool the DNA testing service, he hires a Native American man to kiss him before he has a mouth swab taken. It is, of course, revealed that Randy is entirely Caucasian with no trace of Native American ancestry.

It is revealed, however, that Randy has a slightly higher genetic link to ancient Neanderthals with a 2.8 percent genetic makeup similarity. Randy, completely oblivious as to what a Neanderthal is, declares that he is part of a protected race that were victims of genocide by white people in an attempt to score SJW points. This moment personifies the episode’s scathing commentary on how the left uses identity politics and is obsessed with destroying historical monuments they have deemed racist to virtue signal about their moral values.

Breitbart News has previously reported on the destruction of monuments by the left and Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari has explained why six other famous historical monuments must be destroyed — by leftist logic, including the Pyramids of Egypt and the Genghis Khan Equestrian Statue.

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