Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Aniston on ‘Kimmel’: ‘Climate Denial is like Not Believing in Gravity’

Melissa McCarthy vs. Jennifer Aniston1

Melissa McCarthy and Jennifer Aniston have dealt climate skeptics a blow from which they may never recover… a sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday suggesting that not believing in climate change is the same as not believing in gravity.

The sketch begins with McCarthy, hilariously dressed as a menorah, to hide the comedy fat suit she is wearing underneath.

McCarthy explains that the “really smart people” know that “global warming” is a “ruse invented by the Illuminati.”

But, she goes on, there’s an even bigger issue facing our planet which “the Mainstream Media doesn’t want you to hear about” and which they say is “Settled Science.” People who disagree that this is a problem are called “Duh-Nye-Urz.”

McCarthy is talking, she says, about the fact that gravity does not exist.

At this point, Jennifer Aniston appears — causing excited gasps from the Jimmy Kimmel Live audience, who simply cannot believe their good fortune that a veritable legend from a long-running sitcom about four friends sharing a New York apartment is actually walking among them.

Hilariously, she is introduced as “Junifer Ooniston.” No one can quite understand why this is funny — probably because it isn’t — but everyone laughs anyway.

“Who told you that gravity is real?” McCarthy asks Aniston. Except the joke doesn’t end there. Oh no. On the screen caption, the words “is real” are spelled “Israel,” presumably in some kind of uber topical reference to Trump’s Jerusalem decision. Again, quite how this is funny, no one can explain. But everyone dutifully cracks up because, hey, Trump.

“Pretty much every scientist in the world told me that,” Aniston replies — a reference to the massively debunked fake stasticoid that “97 percent” of the world’s scientists think global warming is a problem (which they don’t, by the way).

“Why are you afraid to hear both sides of the argument?” asks McCarthy, playing devil’s advocate in a script that might have been written by George Soros, except it would probably have had more actual jokes.

“Because there are not two sides,” counters Aniston who, I’m sorry, really was SO much more likeable when she stuck to doing what Mummers are supposed to do — viz, looking attractive, pretending to be someone like them only with a different name, desperately trying to carve out a career where people think of you as a viable talent in you own right rather than just some random female with a memorable haircut who totally lucked out when cast in a sitcom which accidentally surfed the zeitgeist.

We then segue into an unexplained tussle in which McCarthy attacks Aniston and in the process attaches a harness to her.

Hilariously, Aniston is hoist above the stage.

“I have a question for Hollywood. If gravity isn’t a hoax then why is Jennifer floating right now?” McCarthy asks.

“Because you just put a harness on me in that fake tussle,” ripostes Aniston, in a moment which recalls the best scenes in This is Spinal Tap, When Harry Met Sally and Some Like It Hot only with every last scrap of humor squeezed out and rewritten by an especially earnest Environmental Sciences major as part of their heavy-duty thesis on why global warming is a serious problem, m’kay?

Clearly, though, the biting political satire hit its mark among audiences — and changed minds forever on this important subject.

Here are some of the comments on the YouTube version:

Jennifer is stunning for her age

Who else thinks Jennifer never ages?

Her swinging around reminds me of that Friends episode where she’s afraid of swings.

Damn Jen looks amazing lol

Damn Jen is too hot!

She is so beautiful


We can all agree on this that Jen never ages just wow

Who can now argue that the art of political satire is not as vibrant and powerful a force as ever in the 21st Century?


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