Nolte: Media and Hollywood’s 9 Most Hideous Feminist Sex Abuse-Enablers of 2017

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Just as they did during Bill Clinton’s presidency, in 2017, America’s leading leftwing feminists once again proved that nothing has changed in the era of #MeToo — that, if it means furthering The Cause or protecting their friends, they are in reality nothing less than partisan villains eager to enable credibly accused sex abusers.

Most of the time these hideous women hold the sisterhood mask fairly steady. But every once in a while it slips and we are allowed to see what is really behind the hear me roar facade: a grotesque ideologue willing to sell out and personally destroy alleged victims in order to  protect a left-wing agenda that, in their own twisted minds, trumps all — even photographic evidence and basic, human decency.

Here, in no particular order, are the Left-Wing Feminist Enablers and Monsters of 2017…

  1. Mika Brzezinski

Joe Scarborough’s insufferably smug gal-pal swaggers around the cable dial and, on stage at her feminist forums, as some kind of crusading keeper of the suffragette flame when, in reality, she is the exact opposite. Brzezinski is guilty of what we are told are three unforgivable sins — and in her case they undoubtedly are.

1) To protect Al Franken, Brzezinski questioned the credibility of Leeann Tweeden, a sex abuse victim with an actual photo of her abuse.

2) Brzezinski victim-blamed her pal Mark Halperin’s numerous accusers as heartless “hypocrites,” for not wanting to meet with him, exonerate him, and allow him to return to the Morning Joe set. Among other things, Halperin is accused of roughing a woman up, rubbing his erection up against them, and masturbating under his desk in the presence of a female staffer.

3) In her unrelenting attack against a Franken accuser who has an actual photograph of his misconduct, Brzezinski slut-shamed Tweeden because she is a former Playboy model.

  1. Lisa Bloom

Gloria Allred’s disgraced daughter, who, like her disgraced mother, identifies as a crusading feminist attorney, imploded this year over a series of jaw-dropping scandals. She sought huge payoffs for President Trump’s accusers, defended Harvey Weinstein, sought to discredit his alleged victims, is accused of trying to silence alleged rape victim Rose McGowan, initially downplayed the allegations against Weinstein, and is also accused of all kinds of sleaze to protect another powerful man accused of and fired for misconduct, Amazon’s Roy Price.

  1. Lena Dunham

After getting caught falsely accusing an innocent man of raping her in college, Dunham apparently thought it would be a good idea to declare a friend and colleague of hers, Murray Miller, completely innocent of the alleged rape of then-17-year-old actress Aurora Perrineau.

“While our first instinct is to listen to every woman’s story, our insider knowledge of Murray’s situation makes us confident that sadly this accusation is one of the 3% of assault cases that are misreported every year,” Dunham proclaimed from on high.

The backlash was fierce, and deservedly so, and Dunham was eventually forced to apologize.

  1. Meryl Streep

Streep, one of the most plugged-in players in all of Hollywood, faced her anti-woman sins of both past and present in 2017.

After lying about President Trump mocking a dishonest reporter’s disability, the Internet served its most useful purpose in reminding us that Streep has both defended and applauded a fugitive who drugged, raped, and sodomized a 13- year-old.

Streep also downplayed Harvey Weinstein’s (a man she once called “God”) alleged crimes (which includes alleged serial rape) as acts of “disrespect,” and now wants us to believe that, although she has been the Queen of Hollywood for decades and has had close business ties with Weinstein for two of those decades, she knew nothing.

No one believes her. No one should.

  1. Gloria Allred

Defeated U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore (R-AL) faced three accusers, and all of their stories raised enough reasonable doubt that he should have been acquitted in the court of public opinion. Only one accuser, though, committed a forgery, and that was Allred client Beverly Nelson.

During a press conference, both Allred and her client attributed to Moore the most damning piece of a yearbook inscription, something Nelson later was forced to admit she wrote herself.

No one will ever believe Allred again. Worse still,  this breathtaking misconduct enables any man ever accused by one of Allred’s clients.

If she had even a shred of decency, Allred would retire.

  1. Cokie Roberts

Last month, NPR’s Cokie Roberts admitted that she (and other members of the congressional female press corps) have known “for years” about male lawmakers who act inappropriately with women in elevators.

Not only did Roberts remain silent for decades, she still refuses to name names.

  1. Kasie Hunt

Although Leeann Tweeden has an actual photo of disgraced Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) groping her breasts while she sleeps, in order to protect Franken (who has resigned his seat after a half-dozen more accusers came forward, most of them supporters) Kasie Hunt of NBC News told the world that what Franken did to Tweeden is “not actually groping.”

NBC News has a massive sexual misconduct problem, and Hunt’s enabling only adds to it.

  1. Michelle Goldberg

Back in November, Goldberg used the pages of the New York Times to trash Bill Clinton accuser Paula Jones as both a liar and political pawn.

There was just one massive, glaring, unforgivable lie of omission in the column — Goldberg did not want her readers to know that Clinton eventually settled with Jones for a reported $850,000, which was more than the $700,0000 she originally sought.

  1. Andrea Mitchell

In May of last year, in a desperate effort to shield accused rapist Bill Clinton and to make his wife president, NBC’s Andrea Mitchell straight-up lied about Juanita Broaddrick by dismissing as “discredited” Broaddrick’s every credible claim that Bill Clinton raped her.

This year, Mitchell has refused to apologize or to correct her indefensible smear, which is as fake as fake news gets.

Mitchell is the queen of NBC’s den of homophobia and misconduct.


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