Jackie Mason Rips ‘Sh*thole Actors’ Jim Carrey, Sean Penn: Trump’s Success is ‘Killing’ Celebrities

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie opines on the recent government shutdown, why celebrities are so angry with President Donald Trump, and on Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, which Jackie predicts will just be another anti-Trump spectacle.

“During the [shutdown], one thing was definite; that they were going to get paid. The soldiers who protect our lives? They don’t have to get paid,” Jackie says, calling out Sen. Chuck “The Schmuck” Schumer in the process.

“Why should they get paid for doing nothing? They should have to prove they accomplished something before they get paid.”

Jackie says it was inevitable that Hollywood was going to blame Trump for the government shutdown, even if nearly everything else they’ve tried to pin on him has failed.

“First, they said he’s crazy. Turns out, not only is he not crazy, but he’s very healthy,” Jackie says. “They claimed he was a Russian spy, and that caved in. You know what else they said would fail? The whole economy. It’s gonna go into the toilet. Just the opposite happened. The economy’s so fantastic it’s going through the roof.”

“Obviously you know what’s really bothering them? Not that he’s a failure. What’s really killing them is that he’s too successful.”

Jackie called out Carrey, who recently suggested Trump was pushing America into “suffering beyond all imagination,” and Penn, who recently called Trump an “enemy of mankind.”

“What really makes America suffer beyond imagination has nothing to do with Trump. What really makes us suffer is watching one of [Carrey’s] movies.”

And on Penn’s “enemy of mankind” comment, Jackie muses: “This from a jerkoff who vacations in Cuba with his best friend, Castro. Or in Venezuela, one of the greatest shithole paradises of all time, thanks to his other friend, Maduro.”

“All these celebrities say they can’t wait to get rid of this shithole president. I got a better idea. Why don’t we get rid of all these shithole actors? And I say this with the highest respect.”

Watch until the end of the video, when Jackie gives his predictions for Sunday night’s Grammy Awards.


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