CBS Drama ‘The Good Fight’ Fantasizes About Impeaching Trump


An upcoming episode of the CBS drama The Good Fight will fantasize about the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

A teaser for Sunday’s episode involves Democratic operative Ruth Eastman presenting a plan for Democrats to win back control of Congress and begin impeachment proceedings against Trump, TVLine reports.

“We’re in a very peculiar time,” says Eastman. “We’re living in a time of farce not tragedy, and the Democratic party for the first time has a plan to respond.”

“Our hope is to win this November, both the House and the Senate, and if that’s the case, we want to be ready to impeach President Trump.”

The Good Fight, which stars Christine Baranski,  Rose Leslie,  Cush Jumbo, has made no secret of its opposition to the Trump presidency, with previous episodes satirizing allegations of sexual harassment, his war against the media, and his relationship with Vladimir Putin.

However, series co-creator Robert King has previously claimed that such episodes are in fact a satire of Democratic hypocrisy.

“The Democrats are licking their chops at the possibility of turning the House over and impeachment,” King said in January. “So it’s really a satire of Democrats wanting to impeach a sitting president in a way that would make them angry if it were Republicans going after Obama.”

Donald Trump’s ascent to the presidency has sparked a growth in satirical television series mocking aspects of his presidency. However, some shows, such as the return of the sitcom Will & Grace have been criticized by fans for being too political.

Other works, such as the spy thriller series Homeland, have portrayed a U.S. president who is a “fascist, paranoid, autocratic, and un-American criminal,” although producers have insisted that the character is not a depiction of Trump himself.

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