Alec Baldwin: Midterm Elections are America’s Chance to ‘Save this Country’ from the ‘Madman’ Trump

Actor Alec Baldwin attends the 'Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation' New York premiere at Duffy Square in Times Square on July 27, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Actor and President Donald Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin took to Twitter on Friday and attacked the president, saying that the midterm elections are the perfect time to “save this country” from the “madman” Trump.

Using his Alec Baldwin Foundation Twitter account, the bellicose actor started out on his first of four tweets hyperbolically insisting that President Trump has “eroded human nature itself.”

“What is most disconcerting about Trump is that he has so dramatically eroded human nature itself. That force that summons most of us to seek to understand as much as to be understood. To give as well as receive. To, at the very least, develop mutual respect, if not perfect it,” Baldwin said.

This is the same Alec Baldwin who has a long, long history of intemperate actions. Among many examples, he once left a voicemail message to his then-11-year-old daughter calling her a “thoughtless pig” and other obscene names, and he has repeatedly called people “faggot,” and has physically attacked a photographer and fans.

Despite his own history of ill-tempered behavior, Baldwin went on to say Trump has “pulled us all down.”

“Trump has pulled us all down into spending precious time agonizing over what is next and how much worse can it get,” Baldwin tweeted. “American society, with its essentially incompatible coupling of democracy and capitalism, needs the right environment in order to exist, let alone thrive. Otherwise, it is bleached to death, like a coral reef, in the overheated waters of recrimination as policy.”

The disgruntled actor ended his rant by calling President Trump an “Untalented Madman.”

“Often in life, talent is fused w some inherent defect. But Trump is madness without talent,” Baldwin wrote. “This Fall, the midterm elections provide us with the one real opportunity to save this country. To save it from The Untalented Madman.”

While he’s lampooning the president on Saturday Night Live, Baldwin is flexing his political muscle.

The actor is among the many Hollywood stars behind the No Rifle Association, a newly launched initiative to attack NRA-backed politicians ahead of the November elections.

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