Ron Perlman Melts Down Over Trump, Announces ‘Break’ from Twitter

Ron Perlman
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President Trump appears to have broken actor Ron Perlman, who after melting down on Twitter, announced he was “taking a break” from criticizing the president and “going back to my little corner.”

Here is Perlman’s full Saturday night breakdown.

“I gotta tell ya, after 18 months ‘o this shit i’m pretty sick and tired. Sick and tired of people in high places taking a shit on law & order. Sick and tired of taking a shit on the memory of hundreds of thousands of American men and women who died stamping out Nazism,” Ron Perlman wrote on the social media platform.

“Sick and tired of shitting on the memory of men and women about their heads Bashed in on southern bridges, hoses and dogs turned on them, batons turned on them so that we begin begin to act civilly toward one another among all the races,” he continued, later adding, “I feel weak. I feel nauseous. I feel impotent. I feel betrayed. I feel alone. I feel terrible.”

The Hand of God actor concluded his rant, saying, “I’m taking a break. I’m going back to my little corner of the world where all I have is poured into family, friends, and the nobility of storytelling that celebrates our commonalities and not our differences. In the words ofJoni Mitchell, if you want me I’ll be in the bar…”

Perlman’s simpering pleas against “tribalism” and “hate,” his sudden desire for “hope and decency,” all fly in the face of his own behavior over the past 18 months, which has been, by any objective measurement, divisive, flagrantly dishonest, partisan, hate-filled, and indecent.

For more than a year, Perlman has cut a ridiculous figure who lectures others about decency even as he stands by lying homophobes.

Over mere political disagreement, Perlman has openly called for violence against others.

Perlman must be a pretty good actor. After all, on television shows like Sons of Anarchy and movies like Hellboy, Perlman is quite convincing as a tough guy. In real life, however, we can now all see him for what he really is: a broken man, a frustrated crybully pouting in his “corner.”  

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