Netflix Host Michelle Wolf Leads Pro-Abortion Salute: ‘God Bless Abortions’


Netflix talk show host Michelle Wolf led a “salute” to abortions on the latest episode of her half-hour show, just as pro-abortion activists express concern that President Donald Trump’s new Supreme Court pick could help overturn Roe v. Wade.

At the end of this week’s edition of The Break with Michelle Wolf, Wolf dressed up in a red, white, and blue leotard and led the audience in pro-abortion chants with the backing of a marching band.

“Look, access to abortion is good and important,” Wolf said. “Some people say abortion is ‘killing a baby.’ It’s not. It’s stopping a baby from happening… Women, if you need an abortion, get one. If you want an abortion, get one.”

“Abortion I salute you. Women if you need an abortion, get one. If you want an abortion, get one.

“Women, don’t forget, you have the power to give life and men will try to control that,” Wolf shouted to the audience. “Don’t let them… God bless abortions and God bless America!”

The episode was released just before Trump is expected to announce his replacement for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, with many left-wing activists fearing could tip the balance of the court into a pro-life majority and even overturn the landmark Roe vs Wade decision 1973 that decriminalized abortions.

“If these people were actually pro-life, they would be fighting hard for healthcare, child care, education, gun control, and protecting the environment,” she said earlier in the segment.

“One of the original slogans for the Women’s Movement was ‘Abortion of Demand,'” Wolf said. “And that’s exactly what it should be. These days abortion providers have been terrorized by the right into downplaying their abortion services. You should be proud of it. You’re doing a good thing.”

The 33-year-old comedienne, who gained national attention for her distasteful comedy routine at the White House Correspondent’s Association annual dinner in March, where she attacked the appearance of Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and other women working in the Trump administration.

Last week, Wolf also made a series of obscene remarks about women working in the White House, including comparing First Daughter Ivanka Trump to “herpes” and a “vaginal mesh.”

“If you see Ivanka on the street, first, call her Tiffany,” she urged her audience. “This will devastate her. Then talk to her in terms she’ll understand. Say, ‘Ivanka, you’re like vaginal mesh. You were supposed to support women, but now you have blood all over you and you’re the center of a thousand lawsuits.’”

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