AMC Drama ‘Dietland’ Plots Murder of Pro-Life Congressman


According to the AMC TV network’s latest drama Dietland, being a pro-life person makes you a “menace” who deserves to be murdered.

The hate-filled, radical feminist “comedy” series wrapped up its first season ending on a violent note as the stars set about to plan the assassination of a pro-life congressman merely because he opposes abortion, Newsbusters reported.

Dietland follows the story of Plum Kettle (Joy Nash), a journalist who turns into a radical feminist and descends into the madness of hate and violence against all men. In this first season finale entitled “Bedwomb,” Plum sits in on a meeting of feminist terrorists as they plot the murder of a pro-life congressman.

During the discussion about the murder plot, there is one brief moment of sanity. As the group debates killing congressman Wells, one of its members wonders just what it is they are trying to achieve. “What’s our endgame here? We just keep killing people? Until when?” Jasmine asks the group. But that brief moment of sanity is quickly knocked down. Belle replies, “Until women feel safer. Until they have some measure of real equality.” But Jasmine persists wondering aloud how that will come to pass just by killing men.

The brief question over motives is quickly brushed off as the women go back to planning the murder of the congressman. And why is he being targeted? Soledad explains: “He is destroying women’s reproductive rights.”

To that, Plum adds, “You should go after Congressman Wells. He’s a menace to women. And you need to keep the heat on. Keep up the feeling that you’re everywhere, and scary.”

This series, touted as “darkly comic,” no longer seems like an obviously outrageous satire of liberal thinking. In fact, it seems deadly serious.

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