Superhero ‘Luke Cage’ Tackles NFL Brain Trauma While Touting Government Health Care

AP Photo/Steven Senne
AP Photo/Steven Senne

Luke Cage, one of Marvel Comic’s earliest black superheroes, is about to fight a new foe that is making social justice warriors stand up and celebrate, tackling the National Football League and the brain disease CTE.

In the character’s newest print series, Heroes for Hire, the superhero known for his impenetrable skin and his expertise at brawling is diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), the brain disorder from which many NFL players may suffer. It is also the disorder that has caused the NFL no end of trouble–from players charging that the league has not done enough to keep players safe on the gridiron to parents putting an end to their children’s football dreams over fears that the game is a health hazard. CTE is also a cause many liberals have set upon in an effort to end football.

But CTE is not the only liberal cause Luke Cage will take on in the new storyline. The black superhero will also set his sights on pushing healthcare policies like Obamacare in the new series.

Liberal comic book fans are already celebrating the social justice theme of the upcoming series.

“The strain put on our healthcare system is a major theme in this Luke Cage comic that feels very of the times, and introducing this particular medical dilemma adds an interesting new part of Luke’s identity that’s worth deeper exploration,” the left wingers at io9 wrote.

Meanwhile, the comic book industry recently took a financial nosedive. According to Tech Crunch, comic book sales fell 6.5 percent in 2017.

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