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Nolte: As Golden Goose Franchises Falter, Hollywood Stares into the Abyss

Even though the film industry will close 2018 with record box office receipts, that might not necessarily mean more people went to the movies. Nevertheless, a win is a win is a win, and Hollywood will celebrate that win. But 2018 might be remembered as a perfect storm that will be difficult to repeat.

Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

Steve Ditko, Spider-Man Co-Creator, Dies at Age 90

Steve Ditko, the Marvel Comics artist who gave the world the woven webs and soaring red-and-blue shape of Spider-Man and the other-worldly shimmer of Doctor Strange, has died, authorities said Friday. He was 90.


Avengers: ‘Infinity War’ Topples ‘Star Wars’ with Record $250M Opening

A whole lot of superheroes added up to a whole lot of ticket sales. The superhero smorgasbord “Avengers: Infinity Wars” opened with predictable shock-and-awe, earning $250 million in box office over the weekend and edging past “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” to set the highest opening weekend of all-time.


‘Iron Fist’ Star Blames Rise of Trump for Terrible Reviews

Critics have been savaging Iron Fist, the latest Netflix series based on a Marvel Comics character, but star Finn Jones appears to have a theory about why it’s gotten such terrible reviews — and it’s all down to the show’s parallels with the political rise of President Donald Trump.


Ta-Nehisi Coates to Write Black Panther Comic for Marvel

Author Ta-Nehisi Coates has written some controversial pieces for the Atlantic, including one defending reparations for slavery and another arguing the public shift on the Trayvon Martin case was based on opposition to President Obama. Next year, Coates will become a different kind of author when takes on a year-long story about Black Panther, the first mainstream black superhero, for Marvel comics.


Daily Beast: #JeSuisCharlie — Not So Much

A cartoon Muslima superhero has become a warrior against free speech, and the Daily Beast is thrilled. Marvel Comics Muslima superhero Kamala Khan’s image was used by anti-free speech vandals who covered over our ads in San Francisco that called attention to

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Man has Nose Cut Off, Face Tattooed to Look Like Comic Book Villain

A Venezuelan man with dreams of becoming a comic book character used extreme body modifications, including the partial removal of his nose, to transform himself into the Marvel villain Red Skull. 37-year-old Henry Damon, of Caracas, “has loved comic books

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