Suspects Attempting to Rob Rapper Post Malone Break Into the Wrong House

Rapper Post Malone
AP/Scott Roth

Three suspects attempted to rob rapper Post Malone — but accidentally ended up at a house in which he no longer lives.

Post Malone is having a run of either very good, or very bad luck. Last week he survived a car accident, when his Rolls-Royce collided with a Kia and smashed through a roadside fence. Before that, he was aboard a plane forced to make an emergency landing after two landing gear tires blew out during takeoff.

And on September 1 he would have been robbed, too — but the would-be burglars targeted a San Fernando Valley house where he has not lived in some time. Reportedly, the current resident was pistol-whipped while another man yelled “Where’s Post Malone?!”

The suspects made off with $20,000 in cash, jewelry, and cell phones. Unfortunately for these ambitious thieves, none of them belonged to the “Psycho” artist.

It has been a very exciting month for the rapper, but Malone seems to be keeping in good humor about the whole thing. Perhaps it was Malone who said it best after walking away from the aforementioned car accident without serious injury:


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