Kathy Griffin’s Midterm Advice: ‘DON’T F*CK ANYONE UNLESS THEY VOTE’

Kathy Griffin
(YouTube/Comedy Central)

Left-wing comedian Kathy Griffin is once again dishing out great advice, this time telling her fans not to “fuck anyone” who doesn’t vote in the upcoming midterm elections.


The 57-year-old comedian has become a full-blown political activist after scandal erupted in 2017 when she posed for a photo holding a fake bloody head of President Trump. Despite an initial apology, the star is now unashamedly anti-Trump.

“By the way I take the apology back. Fuck him,” she said on The View in April.

“You guys know there was a time in the Bill Clinton days you could make fun of that Monica dress all day long and nobody thought you were a terrorist but now, like, you said things have gotten not only politically incorrect but this administration and learned it firsthand because I got a call the next day from the Department of Justice and I was under a two-month federal investigation for conspiracy to assassinate the president of the United States,” she added.

Griffin has gone on to attack First Lady Melania Trump, calling her a “feckless complicit piece of shit.”

“Fuck you, Melanie. You know damn well your husband can end this immediately…you feckless complicit piece of shit,” Griffin said in June.

The former CNN New Year’s Eve co-host also said that there were “despicable Nazis” in the White House in August.

After ICE deported Nazi collaborator Jakiw Palij from the United States in August, Griffin said, “If ICE is in the business of removing despicable Nazis can they please head over to the White House?”


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