Hollywood Uses Veterans Day to Attack Trump: ‘What a F**king A**hole’

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While millions of Americans were spending their weekends honoring the sacrifices of military veterans, some Hollywood celebrities decided that the most important thing to was attack President Donald Trump.

“On the day we honor our veterans American patriots are sickened by a President who narcissistically turns his back on the fallen and warmly embraces an Autocrat who attacks Democracy. Our long national nightmare continues,” director Rob Reiner declared.

Bette Midler responded to President Trump saying that he would not “forgive” former President Obama for not funding the military enough by simply calling Trump a “fucking asshole.”

Some celebs criticized President Trump for deciding not to visit a military cemetery due to rain.

“Trump you fucking pussy. Too entitled to serve our country when called, too afraid of your stupid hair getting wet to honor those braver than you. You FUCK. (Don’t @ me w/ he couldn’t fly- it was a 90 minute drive).” Sarah Silverman declared.

Samuel Jackson characteristically said, “Has That Muthafukka tweeted about God or Mother Nature making him disrespect Our WWI Brave Military Dead, yet??!! Prolly OD’d on Pommes Frites at the Embassy, rain makes your bone spurs act up!!”

“Remember when we had a president who: Wasn’t afraid of the rain? Knew how to treat ladies? Knew how to CLOSE AN UMBRELLA?” comedian Patton Oswalt wrote.

Actress Sophia Bush used the event to call the president a “ghastly, evil, sad little man.”

Chelsea Handler also chimed in:

Sons of Anarchy actor Ron Perlman said, “The display of our current so-called President on the sacred anniversary of an armistice that gave way to the very 1st commemoration of our Veterans is pathetic, cowardly, embarrassing and disgraceful. No self respecting American should find this tolerable.”

Rosie O’Donnell simply called Trump a “disgrace” and a “cowardly liar.”

Finally, Don Cheadle tweeted an emoji-laded message over Trump not attending the event.


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