Dean Martin’s Daughter: Calling ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ Inappropriate Is ‘Just Insane’

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images/Neptune's Daughter
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

Dean Martin’s daughter Deana Martin slammed the controversy over her father’s classic Christmas song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Monday, calling concerns about the song’s lyrics “insane.”

“I was absolutely flabbergasted. It’s just insane,” Deana Martin told Fox News. Her father’s song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been attacked by feminists in recent years who claims that the songs promotes rape culture.

“When I heard it, I said, ‘This can’t possibly be.’ You know, it’s a sweet, flirty, fun holiday song that’s been around for 40 years for my dad. He did it in ’59. But when I saw it, I tweeted, ‘I think this is crazy. What do you think?’ And then all of a sudden, it went viral,” the acclaimed singer said.
Indeed, Martin recently tweeted that any uproar over the song and its lyrics were “crazy.”

Many feminists have said that the song promotes rape culture due to lyrics in which the woman character says “no” to what is implied to be a possible sexual encounter, while the male singer continues to push. At one point, the woman wonders, “What’s in this drink?”

A 2012 essay published at Salon claimed that the song, “describes what may be a date rape.”

“At one point she exclaims, ‘Say, what’s in this drink?’ Is he being generous with the alcohol, or has he slipped her something stronger? At this point, the Wolf and Mouse designations are redundant. It’s all too clear that he’s a predator and she’s prey,” the author wrote at the time.
Others have defended the song, saying that the woman clearly does in fact want to stay, but is unable to articulate it due to the restricted social mores of pre-sexual revolution America.

Deana Martin also defended the lyric about the drink on Fox News Monday, saying, “When she says, ‘Hey, what’s in this drink?’ I don’t think she’s talking about some pill being put in that drink.”

“It’s like, ‘Is this punch? You know, what’s in this drink? Is it vodka? It was nice. It’s just breaking my heart that people would turn that around,” she said.


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