Jim Carrey: ‘Gorgon’ Sarah Sanders will ‘Turn Your Heart to Stone’ With Lies

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/Twitter screenshot
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/Twitter screenshot

Actor and leftist Jim Carrey once again attacked Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in one of his political paintings, this time saying that she will “turn your heart to stone” with lies.

“Beware the Gorgon. She’ll turn your heart to stone,” Jim Carrey said in a Wednesday social media post, attaching a crude drawing of Sanders with the word “lies” written all over her hair.

A gorgon is a monster-like creature in mythology. The medusa creature, a female who has snakes instead of hair, is a form of a gorgon.

The Truman Show actor attacks Republicans of all kinds in his now routine drawings, but he seems to have a special contempt for Sanders. Earlier this year, he attacked her with a demeaning drawing, referring to her as a “so-called Christian” and “monstrous.”

That drawing led to some backlash, though the 56-year-old has shown no signs of stopping his loud anti-Trump advocacy.

In an interview last month, he compared Republicans to rapists and said that President Trump was a “melanoma.”

“These are not people you can deal with. You cannot be bipartisan with a criminal. A rapist needs to be removed, not negotiated with. These people are raping our system, they’re destroying it right in front of us,” Carrey said.

“Trump is a melanoma, and anybody that covers for him, including Sarah Sanders, is putting makeup on it. It shows that there’s a deeper problem in this country, and that problem is greed,” the comedian said.


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