Rob Reiner: Americans May Starve Thanks to Putin-Controlled Trump

Rob Reiner, actor, director, producer, writer, and political activist, listens in a courtroom during a California State Supreme Court hearing in San Francisco, Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011. On Tuesday, the California Supreme Court will be considering whether the sponsors of Proposition 8 have a legal right to appeal the federal …
AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

Hollywood movie director and far-left activist Rob Reiner claimed Monday that Americans may starve because of the policies of “Putin directed” President Donald Trump.

“America is being held hostage by a Putin directed sick ignorant out of control child. Unfortunately it will take US citizens losing their jobs and going hungry for the GOP to discipline their child,” Rob Reiner said in a social media post Monday.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor followed up with another post urging President Trump to resign.

“What the President says is not worth the mouth it comes out of. It’s all lies, ignorance or outright stupidity. It all adds up to a damaged America and the destruction of Democracy. Either GOP grow some balls or… ,” Reiner said.

Reiner’s frequent outbursts against President Trump have become a staple of his social media presence. Last month, he accused Trump of being “delusional” and not knowing how to read.

“Donald Trump is not only a criminal, he’s a delusional criminal. Only a sick fuck could read a legal filing that states he’s committed a federal crime and say he’s been totally cleared. Oh I forgot, the sick delusional criminal fuck can’t read,” the Bucket List director said.

The 71-year-old director also kicked off 2019 with a New Year’s Resolution to get Trump “the fuck out of the White House.”

“Reminder. He called a reporter pretending to be someone else to brag about his sexual prowess. He defrauded people of their life savings with a fake university. The President of the United States is a sick criminal. New Year’s resolution: Get him the fuck out of the White House,” he said on New Year’s Eve.


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