Bill Maher Attacks ‘Little Prick’ Nick Sandmann: ‘Don’t Get What Catholic Priests See in These Kids’

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Left-wing HBO host Bill Maher launched a vicious attack on the Covington Catholic High School students on Friday, describing student Nick Sandmann as a “little prick,” while also cracking wise about students being sexually abused by Catholic priests.

In his opening monologue on Friday’s edition of HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher took specific aim at the 16-year-old Sandmann, who was filmed standing face-to-face with left-wing Indigenous activist Nathan Phillips as he beat on a ceremonial drum as different demonstrations took place at the Lincoln Memorial.

“I don’t blame the kid, the smirk-face kid. I blame lead poisoning and bad parenting. And, oh yeah, I blame the fucking kid,” Maher said of Sandmann. “What a little prick. Smirk-face!” “Like that’s not a dick move to stick your face in this elderly man’s [face].”

In a statement after the footage went viral on social media, Sandmann said that he tried to remain “motionless and calm” in front of Phillip’s, and even smiled “because I wanted him to know I was not going to become angry, intimidated or be provoked into a larger confrontation.”

“This smirking kid says he was just trying to defuse the situation. Really? Next time you get into a fight, try that,” Maher continued. “I do not spend a lot of time around Catholic schoolchildren. But I do not get what Catholic priests see in these kids.”

On Friday, it emerged that Sandmann’s family had hired an attorney reportedly planning to sue various media outlets for libel, after countless reports falsely accused him and other students of “taunting” and “surrounding” Phillips in an act of mockery.

However, further video of the incident appeared to show a different story, that in which the school kids remained in the same place as a group of religious activists hurled racial abuse while Phillips began aggressively beating his drums in the teen’s faces.

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