Ricky Gervais: Free Speech Applies to Everyone, Even Those You ‘Hate, Fear and Disagree With’


Veteran British comedian and The Office creator Ricky Gervais once again defended freedom of speech, pointing out that it is a liberty that applies to everyone regardless of their viewpoint.

“If you don’t believe in free speech for people who you hate, fear and disagree with, then you don’t believe in free speech,” Gervais said.

Last month, the 57-year-old star also decried how his support for freedom of speech led some people to accuse him of being an “alt-right Nazi,” despite the fact his politics are of the liberal persuasion.

“I’m an old fashioned liberal lefty, champagne socialist type of guy,” he wrote. “A pro-equality, opportunity-for-all, welfare state snowflake. But, if I ever defend freedom of speech on here, I’m suddenly an alt right nazi. How did that happen?”

Recently, Gervais also took a stand in defense of controversial comedian Louis C.K., after leaked audio showed him mocking “non-binary” people and the student survivors of the Parkland School shooting.

“Please stop saying ‘You can’t joke about anything anymore,'” Gervais wrote in response to the criticism. “You can. You can joke about whatever the fuck you like. And some people won’t like it and they will tell you they don’t like it. And then it’s up to you whether you give a fuck or not. And so on. It’s a good system.”

In 2016, Ricky Gervais correctly predicted the victory of President Donald Trump as a result of the growing climate of political correctness across the United States.

“People are tired of being told they can’t say things, so he’s suddenly this poster boy for saying what’s on your mind, however terrible it is,” he said at the time.

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