Michael Moore: Adults ‘Should Feel Shame’ for Letting Greta Thunberg ‘Show Us the Way’


Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore praised 16-year-old climate alamarmist Greta Thunberg in a series of tweets, and said adults “should feel shame” for allowing her to “show us the way” to deal with climate change.

“It was an honor to meet w/ Greta Thunberg,” Moore said on Wednesday. “She, like most young people, is fed up with the insolence & inaction of adults who refuse to act.”

“She speaks the truth,” Michael Moore continued. “Every adult should feel shame that it now takes a 16-year old to show us the way after we’ve failed so miserably to end the greed that’s killing the planet.”

Thunberg, of course, was in the U.S. to addressed the United Nations General Assembly, where she slammed world leaders and warned that the planet is in the “beginning of a mass extinction.”

“We should be grateful & inspired that a most unlikely young woman has stepped forward to demand we join these students with our ACTION — and not our false hopes and condescending platitudes as we try to placate them because we don’t want these children to know the real truth: that their future is doomed and we’re the ones who doomed it,” Thew Oscar-winner claimed.

“Rise up, right now,” Moore added.

In addition to his praise of Thunberg, Moore also unveiled a five point impeachment plan, saying “Keep the Impeachment SIMPLE.”

Moore’s process of removing President Donald Trump from the White House includes:

1. ONE WEEK to compile charges based on Trump’s confessions, whistleblowers report & prosecutor’s evidence.
2. FOUR DAYS of hearings
3. Committee votes-1 hr.
4. Debate on House floor-4 days.
5. House votes-1 hr.

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