Director Larry Charles: Trump Rallies an ‘Illusion’ with ‘Paid Hypnotized’ Audience

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 07: Director Larry Charles speaks at the "Religulous" pr
Malcolm Taylor/Getty Images

Hollywood writer-director Larry Charles issued a rallying call to the left on Wednesday and smeared the millions of Americans showing up at President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies as paid and “hypnotized.”

“Trump has never won a fair fight. The base is down to 14 very loud people,” the Seinfeld director’s missive began. “The rally goers are either paid or hypnotized. The whole thing is an illusion. Let’s shatter this national hallucination and see what reality looks like again.

Larry Charles doesn’t hide his disdain for supporters of President Trump. In July the Curb Your Enthusiasm producer compared Trump supporters to the violent, pro-China mob that has attacked peaceful pro-democracy protesters.

“After reading about armed #Triad thugs attacking pro-democracy protestors In #HongKong and the white supremacists/Proud Boys/Maga people embracing violence here I’m glad to see the left arming itself. This is war,” Charles said, appearing to encourage the left to arm themselves for violence.

Meanwhile, thousands joined President Trump last week at a packed “Keep America Great” campaign rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The event was Trump’s first rally since the House begin its controversial impeachment inquiry against him.

“WOW, THANK YOU Minneapolis, Minnesota — on my way! ,” President said.

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