***Live Updates*** Magasota: Trump Holds Minneapolis Rally

Donald Trump
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President Donald Trump will hold a campaign rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on Thursday evening. This will be Trump’s first rally since the House started its impeachment inquiry.

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10:30 PM: Trump predicts the best is yet to come for Minnesota as he concludes another raucous rally. He’ll head to Louisiana tomorrow evening for another.

10:25 PM: Trump: “The Iron Range is back in business.” He spoke about mineral restoration in the Superior National Forest.

10:21 PM: Trump calls on Pelosi to pass legislation instead of being preoccupied with “nonsense.” Trump says China’s supply chain that was once “unbreakable” is not “breaking wide open” since he got into office.

10:05 PM: After ripping Democrats on border security, Trump says Democrats who have long wanted the wall don’t want the wall just because he wants the wall. He says he should have said he didn’t want the wall to get funding for it. Trump now talking about ending “endless wars.” He talks about how the toughest thing he has to do is write unique letters to the families of the fallen and he says “it’s time to bring them home.” Trump says the Kurds and Turks have been fighting for centuries and Obama “artificially” got America in the conflict. He says going into the “quicksand” of the Middle East was the greatest mistake the country has ever made.

9:56 PM: Trump rips Minnesota’s leaders for bringing refugees from Somalia without regard to what local communities were feeling and considering how it would impact schools, etc.

9:54 PM: Trump invites the cops who support him on stage and salutes them!

9:45 PM: Trump reminiscing about 2016. Says “that was our victory” and he was the “messenger.” He says that night was “one of hte greatest nights in the history of television” and the “history of the country.”

“I didn’t need Beyonce and Jay-Z,” Trump says. “And I didn’t need little Bruce Springsteen.”

9:29 PM: Trump says “Chuck and Nancy” have given control of their party to radical leftists like “Minnesota’s own” Ilhan Omar.  Crowd boos.

“How the hell did that happen?” Trump asks. Trump says Omar is an “America-hating socialist.” He says Omar “pleaded for compassion for ISIS recruits.” Trump also rips Omar’s history of “antisemitic screeds.”

More protestors being escorted out.

“She is a disgrace to our country,” Trump says. He says she is one of the reasons he is going to win Minnesota in 13 months.

Trump says everything about Omar is a “fraud, including her name.” He talks about Omar’s alleged sham marriage… Trump says AOC has gotten away with campaign financing that is worse than what he has been accused of in recent days.

9:25 PM: Crowd chants “Donald! Donald!” after Trump says he wishes some of his friends would call him “Donald” instead of “Mr. President.” Trump again makes a joke about “16 more years.”

Trump says he gives away his salary ($450,000) but if some random guy from the Middle East stays at his hotel, the media say “emoluments!”

“It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen,” Trump says, adding that it has cost him a billion dollars being president.

9:19 PM: Trump says it would be so much easier to “bow and bend” to the Washington swamp. He now praises My Pillow founder Mike Lindell, who is in the audience.

He then goes back to ripping the swamp, saying the lawless political establishment will try to “frame” and “persecute” him. He says they smear and spy on you and target your friends and allies.

Trump says the Swamp took people who were eager, full of life, and “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” and ruined and destroyed them and forced them to go home because of subpoenas.

“They destroyed great people,” Trump says, adding that the “media was behind every single step… They destroyed so many lives and they are continuing to do it, and it is a disgrace.”

Trump says when all of the “ridiculous hoaxes” have been exposed as lies, the “sinister” establishment tries to impeach you for daring to call out their corruption.

9:16 PM: Trump: “The Bidens got rich while America got robbed.” Trump says America is now respected again as a nation. Trump now talking about how Biden worked with the so-called whistleblower. He says this is not but “sabotage.”

9:10 PM: Trump says he’d love to run against “Sleepy Joe Biden” because if you can’t beat Biden in a debate, you don’t deserve to be president.

He says Biden is “totally owned” and controlled by the Washington Swamp.

Trump says the press will not write the truth about Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with Ukraine.

Trump: “By the way, whatever happened to Hunter? Where the hell is he? Where’s Hunter?”

Trump suggests “Where’s Hunter?” t-shirts. He continues to mock Hunter Biden’s (“he’s not too smart”) corrupt dealings in Ukraine and China.

Trump calls Hunter a “loser” and asks how his fund got $1.5 billion. He says Biden was never considered “smart” and was never considered a “good senator.”

Trump says Biden was only a good vice president because he understood how to “kiss Barack Obama’s ass.” Crowd erupts into laughter and cheers.

Trump says even the smartest people on Wall Street have never seen the type of corrupt deals Hunter Biden made with China and Ukraine. He asks how Americans would like Joe Biden to take over negotiations with China. “I don’t think so,” Trump says. He adds Biden allowed China to rip us off and Obama let Biden allow China to “rob us blind.”

9:08 PM: Trump mocks Pelosi, says keeps going because of the media even though she knows the Ukraine text doesn’t warrant impeachment.

Trump says Democrats do not think illegally crossing the border is a crime but a “beautiful call” with a foreign leader is a crime.

He says Democrats are “on a crusade to destroy our democracy.”

“We will never let it happen, we will defeat them,” Trump says before mocking the “crazy” Democrats.

9:05 PM: Trump now ripping “Crooked Adam Schiff” for “making up a fake conversation that never happened.” “It was a total fraud,” Trump says. “These people are sick. I’m telling you, they’re sick.”

9:01 PM: Trump says he is “energized” because “we are draining the swamp.” And Trump says the impeachment process will a “backlash” at the ballot box, “the likes of which they have never, ever seen” before in the country’s history. He predicts a historic turnout in November 2020.

He says his phone call with the president of Ukraine was “perfect” and he had to release the text of the call because the Democrats put out a “phony narrative.”

8:58 PM: Trump now makes fun of Lisa Page and Peter Strozk. He rips the phony suppression polls that are no better than phony writers. Trump says he could do the greatest thing in history and the media will make it look bad. He says if he does something “neutral,” the media will call for the electric chair.

8:53 PM: Trump says the pursuit of a “pro-American agenda” has “enraged the failed ruling class” of Washington, DC. He says it is not easy to get “these corrupt politicians” who got rich “bleeding America dry” out. He says that is why, from day one, the “wretched Washington swamp has been trying to nullify” the democratic results of the 2016 election.

Trump says they want to erase your vote, your voice, and your future. He says they will fail because in America, “the people rule again.”

Trump says just 19 minutes after he took the oath of office, the Washington Post published a story about how the “campaign to impeach President Trump” has begun. Trump says they weren’t playing games.

8:51 PM: Trump says America has the number one economy anywhere in the world “and it’s not even close.” He says he is trying to make a deal with China. Trump says America has picked up trillions of dollars in value while China has lost trillions of dollars in value. Trump says had Clinton won the election, China would be the top economy in the world. He says right now “they are not even close.”

8:50 PM: Trump: “We are going to win this state in a very short period of time.” Trump says “this feels like the day before the election.” Trump says nearly 100,000 people wanted to come to the rally.

8:45 PM: Trump takes the stage as the Main Event is about the start. Crowd chants “USA!” Overflow crowd outside as well:

8:30 PM: Vice President Mike Pence taking the stage to introduce Trump.

Pence says Minnesota and America need four more years of Trump in the White House. He speaks about three years of actions, results, and “promises made, promises kept” and lists off the administration’s accomplishments re: the economy, energy. He also says cops know that “Trump’s for cops.” Pence says it’s going to take “at least four more years to drain the swamp” and rips the “do-nothing Democrats in Washington, DC.” He says the Democrats have been taken over by “radical leftists” who want high taxes, open borders, late-term abortions, and socialist policies that will crush the economy.

He says Democrats have spent the last three years, along with the media, trying to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

8:02 PM: “Purple Rain” playing at the Target Center. Trump set to take the stage soon.

7:35 PM:

Trump thinks he can flip Minnesota, says Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is bringing voters to his side:


Huge lines as always:

Scooters temporarily banned:


Magasota: Trump supporters out in force:


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