Second ‘Cats’ Trailer Hit with Mockery: ‘What the F**k’

Universal Pictures

The creepy CGI celebrity cats frolicked through a full-length trailer of the forthcoming film Cats that still fails to make the movie look like less of an abomination.

“Taylor shimmying and her cat boobs shaking is truly the strangest and potentially creepiest thing I have seen,” one user posted in response to the lengthy advertisement for 2019’s hottest new body horror movie, set for release on December 20.

Yes, they gave the female cats breasts. It is difficult to imagine why a cat-person would need these nipple-free lumps of fat under their fur, but Taylor Swift’s character seems to be putting them to… use.

“As soon as I saw @catsmovie gave the lady cats breasts, I should have assumed someone would shake them while dancing,” said Netflix’ Jarett Wieselman, “but I still wasn’t prepared for the reality of what that would look like…”

Swift’s only consolation is the presence of other cat hybrids that somehow manage to be even creepier. Of particular note is James Corden as the embodiment of an ailurophobic nightmare, and Idris Elba in the one costume that can obliterate even his legendary charisma.

Indeed, the mockery of the second Cats trailer came in as about as hot and heavy as it did earlier this year when the first trailer dropped. Here’s a small sample of the screeds.

If you are anxious to see some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities — this film stars some big names: Idris Elba, Ian McKellen, Judi Dench, Taylor Swift, James Corden, and Jennifer Hudson — lick themselves (yes, really) and scream “milk” while making vaguely feline “pawing” gestures, you are in luck. If you ever wanted to sleep again, not so much.


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