Singer Jason Mraz released a music video for his political anthem “Vote Louder” on Thursday, calling President Trump a  “Twitter tyrant” and urging people to “vote to overthrow the Electoral College.”

The “I’m Yours” singer released the music video to what could be considered an anthem to his candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

“Yo, I know, I know, I know I should probably stick to music. So I put this to music,” he sings before referring to Trump as a “Twitter tyrant scarin’ ya.”

His song promotes a number of common left-wing talking points while propping up the socialist senator’s various proposals, such as the Green New Deal. He also urges people to vote to “save the planet from the business man’s greed,” “legalize weed,” and “overthrow the Electoral College.”

He sings in part:

What’s it gonna be for the future of America?
Another four years of a Twitter tyrant scarin’ ya?
More billionaires getting much more wealthier?
Can’t we get some healthcare and make our country healthier?
Can’t we get that Green New Deal and regenerate?
Can’t we lose our student loan debt and freely educate?
Can’t we use some changes in the way we choose to separate
That’s proven in the colors of the humans we incarcerate?
Can’t we see that love is still the only way to combat hate?
Empathy begets us to become someone compassionate
Exercise your freedom – anarchy or activism
Vote louder, vote louder
Louder than your voice can get

We can vote to cause change & vote to grow knowledge
Vote to overthrow the electoral college
Vote to save the planet from the business man’s greed
Does Citizens United include you & me?
If you don’t vote, just accept what you’ve been given
Don’t let that internet be your only socialism
We can vote for new freedoms – until we are free
We can vote louder, vote louder – vote to legalize weed

“If everyone played fair & just, everyone would benefit,” he continues. “One more thing then I’ll shut up: Bernie should be president.”

The song drew support other celebrities, such as singer Sara Bareilles and comedian Rob Delaney, who liked Mraz’s post on Twitter.

Mraz formally endorsed Sanders in October, even though he is admittedly “tired of seeing old white guys in the White House.” Sanders, however, stands as the exception.

“Bernie is an activist. He has a good track record. And he has a big heart. So big that right after a recent heart attack he picked himself up and got back in the race, proving to me that he & his heart are willing to fight this to the very end,” Mraz wrote.

“I still love what Elizabeth is doing. I am continually inspired by Mayor Pete. And quite frankly I’m tired of seeing old white guys in the White House, but Bernie is the perfect candidate to follow Trump & continue to shake up the system for the benefit of true American values: Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness,” he continued.

The pop star, whose wife explained to him that he has a “two spirit” sexuality, made headlines in 2018 after publishing a “love letter” to the LGBT community, telling them that he is “bi your side.”