Martin Sheen Gets MSNBC’s O’Donnell to Display ‘Trump/Putin 2020’ Bumper Sticker on Air


The Hollywood-media obsession with its Trump-Putin-Russia conspiracies kicked up another level with MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell took a moment out of his program Thursday night to show his audience a photo sent to him by actor Martin Sheen — a “TRUMP/PUTIN?” bumper sticker mocking President Trump’s reelection bid.

O’Donnell discussed the reports of Russia purportedly working to help Trump get reelected — calling Trump a “Russian operative” and declaring Vladimir Putin his “running mate” —  and used the closing segment of his program, The Last Word, to show his viewers an image of a “TRUMP/PUTIN?” bumper sticker sent to him by The West Wing star Martin Sheen.

“As we were just discussing Donald Trump’s running mate Vladimir Putin during the last segment, Janet and Martin Sheen texted me — they can’t see it, maybe you can see it — a bumper sticker that a friend of theirs has already made up saying ‘Trump Putin 2020,'” O’Donnell, who also worked on The West Wing as a writer and producer, said as he held up his phone.

“That’s straight from Malibu,” O’Donnell said as he chuckled, “from Janet and Martin Sheen. Thank you Martin. Thanks for watching.”

During the show, O’Donnell ranted over a New York Times report alleging that intelligence officials warned House lawmakers of purported Russian efforts to interfere in the 2020 election in order to assist the president. The MSNBC host suggested that Trump’s administration would “be better labeled the Trump-Putin regime.”

“Donald Trump is operating in the White House in conjunction with Vladimir Putin to hide what Vladimir Putin is doing to help Donald Trump get re-elected,” O’Donnell said. “Donald Trump is a Russian operative — if tonight’s reporting by the Washington Post and the New York Times is true. And everything else we know about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin indicates that it is true.”

“This is a darkly momentous event in the history of this country in the history of this world. Vladimir Putin has become Donald Trump’s running mate once again,” he added.


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