Video: Brie Larson Tells Women to ‘Refuse to Compromise’ in Woke Nissan Commercial

Nissan USA/YouTube
Nissan USA/YouTube

Captain Marvel star Brie Larson is telling women that they should “refuse to compromise” in a new, feminist-themed commercial for the Nissan Sentra that encourages consumers to fight the patriarchy and, of course, buy Nissan.

In the new campaign, which rolled out last week and is titled “Refuse to Compromise,” Brie Larson uses the Sentra to rescue a woman who has just been denied a promotion at work.  “Does this Sentra feel like a compromise to you?” she asks the office worker as she floors the accelerator and speeds through downtown Los Angeles. “So, if this Nissan Sentra isn’t going to compromise, why should you?”

In a separate making-of video, Larson explained why she agreed to star in the commercial. “It is about sisterhood, pumping each other up, community, and allowing each other to have the opportunity to believe in ourselves,” the Room actress said.

Larson recalled an audition she had earlier in her career where a man gave her negative feedback about her performance.

“A guy on the other side of the table [gave] me a bad note,” she said. “And I remember walking out being like, I don’t want to be on the wrong side of the table anymore.”

Larson spoke frequently about feminism during the promotion of Captain Marvel last year, proclaiming at one point that the superhero movie was about “intersectional feminism.”

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