Alyssa Milano Demands Trump Stop Saying ‘Chinese Virus’: ‘You Racist Piece of S**t’

Actress Alyssa Milano speaks after delivering a letter to Gov. Brian Kemp's office de
AP Photo/John Bazemore

Actress Alyssa Milano joined the chorus of mainstream media reporters accusing President Donald Trump of using racist language by repeating the term “Chinese virus,” while ignoring the members of the establishment media who used the terms “Chinese” or “Wuhan” coronavirus.

In a tweet on Wednesday, the Charmed actress and left-wing activist demanded that President Trump stop using the term. She also called the president a “racist piece of shit.” But the Hollywood actress omitted the fact that numerous media outlets have used terms like “Chinese coronavirus” and “Chinese virus” in their own coverage.

Reporters have used recent White House press briefings on the coronavirus to suggest that President Trump’s use of term “Chinese virus” is racist.

But the president has pushed back, saying that the term is accurate because the coronavirus originated in China. “Because it comes from China. It’s not racist at all, no, not at all. It comes from China, that’s why I want to be accurate,” Trump said on Wednesday.

China has launched a disinformation campaign attempting to obfuscate the origins of the coronavirus. One Chinese official claimed that the U.S. military introduced the coronavirus in China.

“I didn’t appreciate the fact that China was saying our military gave it to them. Our military did not give it to anybody,” the president said during a press conference on Tuesday.

When asked by a reporter if he thinks the term “Chinese virus” creates a stigma on Chinese people, the president replied: “I think saying our military gave it to them creates a stigma.”

Alyssa Milano failed to mention that many members of the establishment media used the terms “Chinese” or “Wuhan” coronavirus in their coverage before they started accusing the president of racist language.

More than 53 mainstream outlets have used either or both of those terms to describe the coronavirus. They include the CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNBC, Buzzfeed, Reuters, and Bloomberg.

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