Chrissy Teigen Attacks ‘Wifebot’ Melania Trump in profane Coronavirus Rant: ‘F**k You’

Chrissy Teigen
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Glamour

Model and left-wing activist Chrissy Teigen viciously attacked First Lady Melania Trump in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, mocking her “be best shit,” referring to her as a “wifebot,” and sending a hearty “fuck you” her way.

“Has melania even thought about doing something with her be best shit during these times? I see regular ass awesome people on my timeline all day doing all they can to make people happy and this wifebot is working on whatever the fuck a tennis gazebo is,” Teigen, wife of Oscar and Grammy-winning singer John Legend, vented to her 12.4 million Twitter followers.

“I expect Donald to be a do nothing fucking loser wimp but she could maybe possibly try to uhhh BE BETTER possibly the best be the best the best be best,” Teigen ranted.

“ALL I have seen this bot do is gently touch Christmas ornaments in a cape and stare in a cape and pat statues in a different cape and then change her cape into a rude ass jacket,” she added. “Fuck you.”

Mrs. Trump took to social media last week to encourage safe behavior amid the pandemic.

“Our great country is fighting hard against the . This nation is strong & ready & we will overcome. Please take action to prevent further spread. Visit  for updated health info & updates,” Mrs. Trump said.

On Monday, Mrs. Trump thanked the medial professionals across the country working tirelessly to treat the sick.

Teigen has remained an outspoken opponent of President Trump, particularly expressing her views on social media. She once referred to him as a “pussy ass bitch.”

Her husband has also invoked Melania’s name in their joint efforts to bash the president, writing last year, “Imagine being president of a whole country and spending your Sunday night hate-watching MSNBC hoping somebody–ANYBODY–will praise you. Melania, please praise this man. He needs you. Your country needs you, Melania.”

Ironically, Teigen recently told the magazine Glamour U.K. that she is angling to raise her son Miles as the “ultimate feminist.”


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