Albert Brooks Mocks Quarantine Protesters: ‘Even the Germans Are Going Holy S**t I Thought We Got Rid of This’

Albert Brooks in Drive, 2011, FilmDistrict

Actor-director Albert Brooks is mocking the hundreds of people who converged on state capitals over the weekend to protest the continued coronavirus lockdowns, which have resulted in millions of lost jobs around the country. The Lost in America and Broadcast News star even appeared to compare the crowds to Nazi-era Germany.

Albert Brooks noted in a tweet on Sunday that some of the protestors chanted “Fire Fauci!” — a reference to Dr. Anthony Fauci, a member of the White House’s coronavirus taskforce and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Dr. Fauci has pushed for a broader, nationwide lockdown in response to the Chinese coronavirus. But his critics have argued that such a blanket shutdown is too extreme and will only prolong the country’s economic misery and lead to even more layoffs.
“The scariest thing about the Trump inspired protests today were people yelling ‘Fire Fauci!’ Trump has to be watching this and feeling like he is invincible,” the Hollywood star wrote.

“He actually got his crowd to blame science. Even the Germans are going ‘holy shit I thought we got rid of this.'”

On Friday, President Trump tweeted his support of protestors in three Democrat-led states — Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia — where people were demanding that  state governments re-open their economies and ease their restrictions of physical movement.

His tweets caused several Hollywood celebrities to publicly lash out at the president on social media, calling him “deranged,” “terrifying,” and a “madman.”

Last year, Albert Brooks landed in hot water when he compared Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight to John Wilkes Booth, the actor who assassinated President Abraham Lincoln. The insult came shortly after Voight posted a series of videos to social media in which Voight praised President  Trump, calling him the “greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

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