Hollywood Celebs Promote Earth Day Strike Amid Millions of Coronavirus Layoffs

Actress Natalie Portman attends the photocall of the movie 'Jackie' presented in competition at the 73rd Venice Film Festival on September 7, 2016 at Venice Lido. / AFP / TIZIANA FABI (Photo credit should read TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images)

Prominent Hollywood celebrities are encouraging people to participate in Earth Day-themed events, including a climate strike, at the same time that millions of Americans have been laid off due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Stars including Alyssa Milano, Patricia Arquette, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chelsea Handler, and Piper Perabo have explicitly promoted the strike to their social media followers, calling for people to participate in the collective action to make their voices heard on the environment.

They are also promoting what activists are calling “three days of climate action,” which in addition to the climate strike includes  divestiture from polluting companies and a wide voter registration push.

Earth Day 2020 was intended to be a three-day affair before the coronavirus forced organizers turn it into a virtual event. Instead, a 72-hour live stream event starting Wednesday will feature celebrity appearances as well as talks by Al Gore and Stacey Abrams.

Among the organizations participating in this year’s Earth Day is the National Resources Defense Council, the environmental lobbying group that has come under Congressional scrutiny for its relationship with China.

Hollywood stars have been reaching out to their social media followers this week to promote the Earth Day 2020 events, specifically the “three days of action.”

Alyssa Milano called on her Twitter fans to “strike, divest, and vote for our future,” in a video posted on Wednesday.

Natalie Portman posted on Instagram her support for the “3 days of climate action,” as well as groups including the NRDC.

Rosanna Arquette tweeted out the #StrikeWithUs hashtag in a similar post promoting Earth Day.

Jamie Lee Curtis showed her her support for the call to strike, divest from polluters, and register to vote. Actress Piper Perabo  and comedian Chelsea Handler also pushed for the initiative.

Musician Jason Mraz also added his support for the call for a climate strike.

Other stars including Moby and Dave Matthews Band also showed their support for the Earth Day-themed events. While they didn’t specifically call for a strike, they tweeted out links to the official Earth Day livestream site that is promoting the strike.

Still more Hollywood celebrities promoted Earth Day and environmentalism in general, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Downey, Jr.

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The Big Blue Marble. The most iconic photograph in human history. Taken in 1972 by the Apollo 17 crew with a 70mm Hasselblad camera pointed out the tiny window of the spacecraft. It was the first photograph of the wholly illumined planet earth. You need to be 20,000 miles above earth, with the sun behind you to achieve this image. Today we celebrate Earth Day. We protest. We worry. We mourn. Our Big Blue Marble is in a severe crisis that is man-made. This is irrefutably (despite what some in the anti-science set might say) backed up by research and becomes clearer with every passing year. It has been our rapacious burning of coal and oil (CO2), our decimating of forests and draining of wetlands and our replacing actual jungles with concrete jungles that has brought us to this point. So what do we do? We protest. We worry. We mourn. We pray. AND WE ACT! VOTE for candidates that support science. (The current Environmental Protection Agency has been gutted, protections destroyed, in favor of unchecked corporate pollution.) VOTE for and support candidates that prioritize the health of our one, beautiful, irreplaceable planet over greed. We reduce our carbon footprint. We drive less and bicycle more. We become conscious consumers. We plant trees. We stop eating beef. Like generations of hippies have said, we "reduce, reuse and recycle." We unrelentingly pressure companies with our dollars and our voices to make cleaner, more environmentally conscious choices. We LOVE OUR PLANET. Deeply. With all of our hearts. When this photograph was released it changed the way we saw ourselves and our planet. It was revolutionary. Look! There’s no borders! There are only swirling clouds and deep blue oceans and forests and deserts and mountains. All inhabited by ONE SPECIES, regardless of our skin color, our beliefs, our histories, our culture or customs. “The earth is but one country and mankind its citizens.” – Baha’u'llah Folks, Earth Day should be 364 days a year (with only one day left over for polluting.) But for today? We celebrate our mother.

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