Video: Police Force John Cusack from Protest Area as Rioters Loot

John Cusack in War, Inc. (2008)
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Left-wing actor John Cusack was apparently in Chicago Saturday night and into Sunday morning as rioters tore through the Windy City’s shopping district. The 2012 actor claims police attacked him for trying to film the chaos.

On Saturday, the Say Anything star posted a series of Tweets featuring video of the destruction wrought by rioters. But Cusack placed much of the blame of the Chicago Police Department.

“Cops didn’t like me filming the burning car so they came at me with batons. Hitting my bike. Ahhm here’s the audio,” he wrote in one tweet with video of the incident attached. In another he claimed he was “hit” with pepper spray. “I haven’t seen tear gas – but was hit by pepper spray – don’t know how a curfew can be started at nine with bridges blocked CTA not running – Be back out tonight a to see what I can,” Cusack said.

The video Cusack posted did not show much but one can hear angry voices (purportedly the police) yelling for Cusack to “get out of here,” while the actor can be heard replying, “alright, I’m going.”

Watch below:

Cusack predicted that the rioting would continue through the night. Then he claimed that the riots may mean the end of Trump.

“Would be very surprised if this is a one or two day event / this may well be the beginning of end of trump loathsome era – thank god -feels like many streams of outrage coming to a head- a wave peaking -Chicago scene was about getting to trump tower most of day,” he said.

Cusack posted several other tweets depicting the chaos in the streets:

The left-wing actor also blamed all the chaos on President Trump, and added that he hopes that the riots continue and would somehow lead to Trump’s demise.

“I hope this keeps up till trump flys away in a fucking helicopter- it’s time -people should NOT swallow another moment of fascism,” John Cusack said on Friday. Fight till he’s gone.”

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