‘B*tch’ Singer Meredith Brooks Rips Garcetti: All My Artists Friends in LA Bought Guns

Photo by: Lee Roth/starmaxinc.com �2004 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Telephone/Fax: (212) 995-1196 9/8/04 Meredith Brooks at the premiere of "Mr. 3000". (Hollywood, CA) (Star Max via AP Images)
Star Max via AP Images

Singer-songwriter Meredith Brooks is calling out Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti for the city’s permissive attitude toward crime, saying that it has forced her friends to buy guns to protect themselves and has caused residents to flee the city.

Her criticism comes as L.A. is still reeling from the widespread looting stemming from violent rioting during the past week. The city’s tense situation was made worse by Mayor Garcetti’s plan to slash the LAPD budget by as much as $150 million. The mayor also called LAPD officers “killers” at a recent meeting with local black leaders.

Meredith Brooks said in a tweet on Saturday that her artist friends living in the Hollywood Hills have had to buy guns to protect themselves from burglars.

“WOW GREAT!! @LosAngelesMayor already removed the right to call 911 on a home break in unless you’re life is threatened! Ha! All my artist friends in the hills bought guns to protect themselves.Then we sold our houses!We’ve had it with #tweekers stealing our shit Good Luck  @LA.”

The singer also claims that local cops told her that police won’t come to your house unless your life is being threatened.  She also cited Proposition 47, the California state law that reclassified some felonies as misdemeanors. The law has been linked to a spike in property crime since it passed in 2014.

L.A. saw extensive rioting and looting in the downtown area last week before the violent activity spread to the Fairfax district, Santa Monica, Long Beach, and Van Nuys. In many cases, local police didn’t stop the rioters or looters as they laid siege to residential neighborhoods and shopping areas.

Instead of beefing up law enforcement to quell the violence, Mayor Garcetti has proposed slashing the LAPD’s budget by as much as $150 million in a concession to left-wing activists who have called for the defunding of the police in response to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Garcetti said the money would be re-distributed to communities of color. The mayor also called LAPD “killers,” in a meeting with local black leaders. His remark prompted a sharp rebuke from the LAPD union.

Meredith Brooks rose to fame with the hit single “Bitch,” released in 1997.

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