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Proposition 47 Wins ‘Golden Fleece Award’ for Failure

Proposition 47, the criminal justice reform initiative passed by California voters in 2014, has won the Independent Institute’s “Golden Fleece Award,” for a “state or local agency or government initiative that swindles taxpayers or breaks the public trust.”

San Antonio Police Crime Scene. (AP File Photo: Eric Gay)

Man Released by Prop. 47 Arrested for Attempted Murder

Thanks to the passage of Proposition 47, which reduced some felonies to misdemeanors, and allowed some prison inmates to be released early into the general public, one former inmate had the chance to commit attempted murder in a shoot-out with police.

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Uber Will Hire Ex-Felons Under Prop. 47

On Wednesday, Uber announced it would enable nonviolent felons whose sentences have been reduced to misdemeanors to apply as drivers, according to CBS San Francisco.


SD Sheriff: Proposition 47 Enabled Date Rape

Although Proposition 47 promised hundreds of millions of dollars for schools, mental health, and victim services by downgrading drug possession from a felony, it also downgraded date-rape drug possession from a sexual-offender felony to a misdemeanor, according to San Diego

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Prop 47: California Has Lighter Sentences, More Crime

California’s Proposition 47 of 2014, The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act, which changed some drug and property crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, has coincided with a rise in crime in parts of the state.

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John Legend Praises Prop. 47, Despite New Crime Problems

On Monday, Grammy-winning singer John Legend, praised California’s Proposition 47, which was passed last year by referendum and reduced some nonviolent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, letting some convicts serve shorter sentences or avoid jail time altogether.

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Homicides, Rapes, Kidnappings Go Unsolved Due to Prop 47

Proposition 47, the prime mover for increased crime rates in California as Breitbart News reported on Thursday, is responsible for a huge decrease in crucial DNA collection for law enforcement agencies.

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NPR Lauds Prop. 47, Ignores Rising Crime

NPR public radio station KQED released an article lauding the results of Proposition 47, which was passed last November and resulted in a number of inmates being released from state prisons and county jails. But KQED managed to complete the piece without mentioning crime. The piece states loftily of Prop 47, “So far, it seems to be working.”

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Prop. 47 Blamed for Sudden Rise in Crime Over 2014

A controversial referendum that reduced prison sentences for several categories of minor criminal offense is being blamed for a sharp rise in crime in parts of California, according to Seattle-based Fox News correspondent Dan Springer.