‘This S**t Is Going Too Far’: Ice Cube Defends ‘Paw Patrol’ from Woke Mob

Ice Cube looks on during week six of the BIG3 three on three basketball league at American Airlines Center on July 30, 2017 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Ron Jenkins/BIG3/Getty Images)
Ron Jenkins/BIG3/Getty Images

Even leftist rapper Ice Cube is against the idea of canceling Paw Patrol, a popular cartoon that has come under fire because one of its characters is a police dog.

The long-running show features puppies that work in different professions (such as police, construction, firefighting, medicine, and the like) who rush around their town to save people, right wrongs, and maintain order. But since one of the characters is a police dog, leftists are targeting the cartoon in the wake of emboldened Black Lives Matter activists looking to eliminate anything they don’t like all across American society.

But Ice Cube — who has a long history of hate for police — thinks targeting the cartoon is absurd. “My grandbaby loves Paw Patrol, this shit is going too far,” the Fuck Da Police rapper tweeted on Thursday.

The rapper was responding to a tweet for a story reporting that the Nickelodeon cartoon has become a focus of the leftist cancel culture. The call for the cancellation came from an op-ed in the New York Times that accused the police dog “good-cop archetype” of being a bad idea.

In “The Protests Come for ‘Paw Patrol'”, author Amanda Hess insisted: “As the protests against racist police violence enter their third week, the charges are mounting against fictional cops, too. Even big-hearted cartoon police dogs — or maybe especially big-hearted cartoon police dogs — are on notice.” Hess asserted that even having kiddie cartoon puppies making police look like good guys is somehow dangerous.

For its part, Paw Patrol tried to demonstrate that it was down with the struggle by joining Black Out Tuesday early this month.

Apparently that effort didn’t keep the wolves at bay.

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