Nolte: I’m Not Going to the Movies Until the Mask Rules are Repealed

Mannequins wearing face masks are placed to provide social distancing in a theatre in Madrid, Spain, Wednesday, June 17, 2020. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has announced a state ceremony to be held on July 16 to honour more than 27,000 who have died from the coronavirus. The ceremony will …
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Hollywood thinks we’re going to sit through a two-and-a-half hour movie wearing a mask.

Are they insane?

But thanks to media pressure meant to keep Trump’s economy depressed, massive theater chains like AMC will require you to wear a mask.

In some cases, state or local laws mandate you wear a mask whenever you’re inside, even if you’re inside to watch Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, which is rumored to be more than three hours long… Well, I don’t know about three hours, but based on Nolan’s history, Tenet will almost certain nudge 2.5 hours — and there is no way in hell I’m wearing a mask for 150 miserable minutes.

Listen, I was wearing a mask before wearing a mask was cool. I knew the government and our useless and corrupt healthcare “experts” were all lying way back when, back when they told us masks were not only useless in fighting off the coronavirus, but would actually increase your risk of infection.

Yeah, that’s why medical personnel wear masks — because they increase the risk of infection.

Now if it was just me, I would not only ignore the mask, I would go out and look for an opportunity to get infected — just to get it over with. You see, if you’re under 50, the China Flu is no more dangerous than the conventional flu. Sure, I’m on the wrong side of 50, but I’m in better shape than 80 percent of those under 50, so I’m pretty sure the fact I have an ass like a high school cheerleader would see me through.

So I wear the mask for my wife, whose health issues are no joke, which means the coronavirus is no joke, and I’ve been wearing one since day one.

That’s my choice.

I don’t care if others wear masks. That’s their choice. As long as I have on my mask, why should I care what others do?

And I hate the thing — hate the mask. It’s uncomfortable, warm, itchy, confining… Sometimes it makes me cough, which means everyone stops and looks at me like I’m about to turn and then scream Braaaaainnnnssss.

But the only thing I hate more than wearing a mask is being forced to wear one for no good reason… If the theater is packed, I’ll wear a mask. But if there’s no one within four or five feet of me, why the hell do I have to wear a mask? This is just stupid and punitive for the sake of being punitive.

There’s only one reason this is happening…

We’re being bullied by the mask fascists… The Woke Taliban want us covered in their version of the Burka.

There’s no science behind this, no well-intentioned concerns about public health… This is anti-science bullying, a form of population and communication control that will end the day after President Trump leaves office.

Regardless, even if the mask fascists were 100 percent correct, even if I was 100 percent convinced that the only way I could save my precious wife from infection was to wear a mask, there is still no way I’m sitting in a movie theater for 90 or 120 or 150 minutes suffocating in one of those things…

I can barely stand grocery shopping in a mask, or running into the post office or pharmacy… But you have to go inside to do those things.

I don’t have to go inside to see Tenet.

The Redbox is outside.

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