Hollywood Talent Agency ICM Partners Pushes Vote By Mail Expansion in Celebrity PSA

YouTube/The Boathouse
YouTube/The Boathouse

Hollywood talent agency ICM Partners is pushing for an expansion of vote by mail, saying that mail-in ballots should be available to all voters no matter what their circumstances due to the coronavirus pandemic. The agency has enlisted the help of some its celebrity clients including Bradley Whitford to create a PSA promoting its vote-by-mail initiative.

ICM head Chis Silbermann, who is a major Democratic donor, stressed the gravity of the coronavirus in a statement on Tuesday, saying that young people should replace older poll workers, who are more vulnerable to the virus. Despite its stated concern about the virus, the talent agency hosted a Black Lives Matter protest in June attended by 3,000 people who congregated at the agency’s headquarters and then marched together through Beverly Hills.

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“No one in this country should have to choose between their health and the right to vote or their paycheck and the right to vote.” Silbermann said in a statement sent to The Wrap.

“Let’s make voting by mail an option for every voter regardless of where you live, and let’s relieve the elderly poll workers who are most at risk of COVID19 from the responsibility of staffing polling locations during a pandemic. Our industry has the unique power and responsibility to lead through culture, but we must also lead through action.”

ICM’s vote-by-mail video urges states to give all residents mail-in ballots, citing the coronavirus pandemic.

Anti-Trump celebrities John Leguizamo, Michelle Monaghan, and football star Malcolm Jenkins make an appearance in the PSA, along with left-wing politicians Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Obama attorney general Eric Holder, and failed Democratic presidential candidate and billionaire Tom Steyer.

ICM’s political division has also teamed up with Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote organization, which has been aggressively urging young people to register to vote and also pushing vote by mail.

Like other Hollywood companies, ICM has given its employees a paid vacation on election day, Nov. 3.

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