Jennifer Garner Fawns over Jill Biden in Virtual Interview: I Dream of You and Joe in the White House


Actress Jennifer Garner hosted Jill Biden for a cringeworthy conversation about her Joe Biden that saw Garner saying she got “the chance to dream of you and Vice President Biden in the White House, where kids come first, where honor and decency reign.”

In a 20-minute Instagram live video Tuesday, Jill Biden told the 13 Going on 30 star that one of her priorities is to provide more support for mothers, especially those from military families.

“Can you imagine doing all that and having a husband or a spouse who is deployed somewhere else in the world?” Biden says. “And all the meanwhile, here are the moms trying to do their jobs, teach online, help their kids online when they’re schooling and doing everything else. I think moms rule, don’t you?”

“Moms are gonna put you in the White House,” Garner responded.

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A conversation with Dr. Jill Biden.

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While Garner did not mention President Donald Trump by name, she admitted that the country is “desperate for leadership” in the form of Joe Biden.

“We just need calm, steadiness, a path forward,” said Biden, adding that Americans should be able to “feel hope again” after November’s election.

Garner, who has three children with her ex-husband Ben Affleck, last month held a similar interview on the challenges of parenting with immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has advised the president on coronavirus measures since the outbreak of the pandemic.

“It’s very difficult to keep them separated from each other — but if you want to have organized activities, try as best as you can to do things where they’re not falling all over each other, where they can have the social contact without necessarily breathing all over each other,” Fauci explained in the interview.

Jill Biden’s confab with Jennifer Garner is just the latest team up effort on the part of the Biden campaign and Hollywood celebrities. On Wednesday, Breitbart News reported that the Biden campaign is teaming up with Star Trek cast members for a “Trek the Vote to Victory” fundraiser.

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